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After watching a Vionic shoe presentation this morning and checking the reviews about the shoes on line I can't understand how the representative could say so many positive things about the shoes. The reviews were very bad. I feel for the unsuspecting buyer not reading these reviews who is going to probably have to spend the money on a return.. And shame on QVC for trying to sell a product that had so many flaws.

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It's what I've said before. I wonder how many times a host has to present something he/she inwardly thinks "oh, this product is bad". Maybe the host didn't know about the reviews. Anyway, I think the host has to present the products that the company wants presented, no matter his/her personal feelings. But I see your point.

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Re: Just Wondering

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I love Vionic shoes. I wish all my shoes were this brand. I can stand all day if I wear Vionic's, unlike other shoes where my feet will hurt after just a couple hours standing.


If you have not had good arch support for years, your body has adjusted incorrectly. So, when you do wear a very good support shoes, it takes a lot of getting use to, regardless of the brand. I have discovered most people that have not had good results is because they really have to have a long break in time. Every presentation I have ever watched they always stress that you should only wear for an hour or so around the house and get use to them slowly before you wear all day.


I compare it to going to a chiropractor. If you are really out of whack, your body will be a little sore after adjustments due to the muscles fighting to go back to the way they have been, even though your spine was out of alignment. Same for your feet, it affects your legs, knees, hips, etc. I suggest following their recommendations and break in slowly.

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In order to sell shoes I believe it is necessary to say those things. Esp: comfort!

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I've only bought the Tide (flip flop) - wore it out after several years and bought a replacement pair -

can't speak for the styles

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Vionics didn't work for me, but all shoes don't work for everybody. I gave them a fair try, but it wasn't worth the discomfort. I have a friend who just loves them.

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Not sure where the online reviews are that are negative, but I can say Vionic are some of the best, most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I have issues with my feet - arthritis, fallen arches - and Vionic are my go-to shoes for comfort. As was said above, if you have not worn Vionic, there is an adaptation period, so perhaps those negative reviews were from folks who didn't give them a chance. In this case, if the hosts are praising these shoes, it's rightfully earned.

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This is my feeling about negative reviews.....yes they are worth reading and taking into inconsideration, but let's say there are 20 negative reviews for a product and they sold 5000 pairs of shoes and received 1000 returns. That means most people were happy with the product and kept it. Reviews are a tool, sometimes you have to go for it anyway even if the reviews are not great.

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@dmeasyI buy my Vionics from a local orthopedic fitter - not all of them work for my feet no matter the size, but I do have definite foot issues so that's not unexpected.***

Also, the owner of the fitter I used some years ago told me once that more than 30% of all shoes ordered online are returned. That was before the explosive increase in Internet buying. No idea what that percentage would be today, but I do know that the last time I bought a pair of shoes from the fitter I use now, for the first time ever the salesman encouraged me to wear the shoes in the house for 10 days to make sure they were comfortable. That's all the time they give for returns, but even that mush is new.

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Registered: ‎05-10-2010 Surely by now, you must know that the hosts are SALES REPRESENTATIVES. They aren't our friends. They aren't impartial. They exist SOLELY to sell stuff. What salesperson tells a potential the negative As for reviews. They exist for the customers to read and judge. The vast majority of us have no faith in customer reviews because anyone can post anything they want. And they do. When I shop, mentally I edit what the hosts say. I pull out my phone or tablet and look at the description, fabric, size etc.