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Re: Just Scheduled Covid Vaccine at Publix

@KingstonsMomIG wrote:

Boy, that was like bidding at the last minute on ebay to get signed up!


Sign up started at 6AM online and you had to keep watching the page as it refreshes every 6 seconds to find an open slot to let you in to register.


My first will be this Friday at 2:36 PM (they schedule down to the minute!), the 2nd will be 3/5 at 2:36 PM.


Whew, that was like trying to 'win' something!

Thats the way I felt when my folks finally got an

appointment. Like we had won some sort of impossible to win game or something. They haven't gotten it yet, and I'm just praying nothing happens to knock them out of it between now and a week from this Friday. 


I'm glad you finally got your apt's too.