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Done and submitted the first week of February.

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Re: Just Asking Taxes

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A friend who retired from the IRS does ours.  They are complicated due to my business filed 1/4 ly.  He does an excellent job!  Got less than $50.00 back on Federal and State - just right, don't owe, don't way overpay.

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Ours are done as soon as all of our paperwork is received.  We have a trusted CPA with whom we've worked for over 20 years prepare them and e-file the federal return. We e-file our state return.

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Already done and refund received.

Goes in my new car fund.


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We buy turbo tax. Husband does it. Mailed them off last Monday.

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When I was still working for a CPA firm, I did my own and my family's taxes at work.  We were allowed to use our tax system for just those returns.  Saved a lot of money for everyone.


Since then I have not had to file tax returns, so I did my girls' taxes on Turbo Tax.  However, they now do their own online.  I'm not sure my daughter who lives with me has done hers . . . I usually help her with them, so I doubt it.  I will ask her when she gets home from her IV treatment.


I had completely forgotten about them until I saw this post . . . so thank you, @Nuttmeg !!

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My accountant filed mine electronically Saturday and I just went to the post office and mailed the checks. 

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I itemize and take my forms and research to a person who has done my taxes for some 20 years.  I like to have another person's eyes go over my form.


He doesn't charge much, and this year he found something I never would have known about that saved me a lot of money. Once before he has done that, too.  Other times he tells me I've miscalculated and owe a bit.  That's how it goes with itemization.


He's calm.  That's important in tax season.


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@queendiva wrote:

Used an accountant mid-March. What's a refund?

I file quarterly taxes. Got slammed with extra income this year. Getting ready right now to write out very large checks. Smiley Sad

@queendiva- we do quarterly too....not too bad this year, refund from NJ and we don't have to pay first quarter, fed ....but from June on....big checks too! 

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we did ours like 3 weeks ago. and under 2 weeks they were direct deposited 1 one day and the other the next day.good luck to all.