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Re: Jury Duty

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Like clockwork ... every four years for the past 20+ years.  I've been through voir dire every time, but only served on one federal grand jury (one month) and one criminal trial (one week).  Last time I served was summer of 2016 (last summer).  


I like jury duty.  Particularly in NYC!   I get to meet and interact with people I would never have otherwise met.  It's always be an interesting experience.  


ETA:  When I lived in CA in the 1970s and 80s ... we (husband and I) were caled a couple of times ... he was never chosen for a jury.  I was chosen for jury one time ... they sent us out to lunch and when we returned, we found the case had been dismissed for lack of prosecution and we were sent home.  



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Re: Jury Duty

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@cats01 wrote:

I assume you received a written notice to appear.  Whether or not you "feel the call to serve" is irrelevant.  You appear or the local "constabulary" will come after you.  Most Jury Duty notices contain a place where you can request exemption by giving a reason.  But it's up to the judge as to whether or not to grant the request.


If you just got a phone call, I'd call the court and find out if the call was legit.  As far as I know, notices to appear are always in writing and always mailed.


I was called twice in FL and served once.  I was called in NH and requested an exemption based on health concerns and the exemption was granted.

I received a notice to appear, and my feelings about being required to show up in the middle of a work week, particular when school is in session is not 'irrelevant' to me.  I have every expectation of going but still have hopes of not be called.  Hope that's ok with you.

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Re: Jury Duty

I was called twice. Both times excused for medical reasons.

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Re: Jury Duty

My husband and I have been summoned several times.  My husband asked to be excused because of his health issues and due to being related to 2 local law enforcement officers.   I was willing to serve, but did disclose being related to local officers.  We were excused, and apparently our names were removed from the list.   

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Re: Jury Duty

I've received jury duty notices several times; sometiimes I had to report to the courthouse but mostly it was telephone standby and I never had to report, just call to see if I was needed for the next day.


I've been on two juries; one for drug possession and one was a 6-week murder trial (which was fascinating).



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Re: Jury Duty

I've received notice 5 or 6 times but reported just twice.  Both times I was chosen for a jury.

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Re: Jury Duty

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I was called just once in my life and now in this state, being age  70 and over gives you the choice of whether you want to serve or not.

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Re: Jury Duty

Only once about 10 years ago. 


I got to pick what season. I picked summer. Hey, anything to get out of my job for a few days. I'm for gun restrictions, so why they took me to be vetted for a ex-con with a gun violation beats me.  I wasn't chosen.  At lunch I went to the casino and won a few bucks.


I'd do it again in the summer to get off of my job for a few days.

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Re: Jury Duty

Every 3 years - rain or shine.

DH has never been called.

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Re: Jury Duty

Plaid Pants2 wrote:

I get a summons in the mail about once or twice a year.


I have to call after five p.m. the day before to see if I actually have to show up.



More often than not, I don't have to.



If I do have to show up, then I have to trot down to the courthouse, and there have been times, where someone has come in, and told us that we were dismissed because the case has just settled.


There have been a few times where we were all taken in to the courtroom, and waited our turn to be questioned by the attorneys, and if I make it that far, I am usually dismissed.


Only once did I make on to a jury for a civil case.



We did half-days, 9:00 - 12:00, which meant that I could still go to work afterwards. My shift was 1:00 - 9:00p.m.



I didn't mind being on a jury. I saw it as an educational experience as to how our legal system actually works.



I don't mind getting called for jury duty.



I feel that it is my duty to serve as a patriotic American.




I mean, people whine, itch and moan and complain about how "stupid" jurors are, when they come back with a verdict that they don't agree with.


Jurors have to follow the law!


They can't base their verdict on public opinion.



Yet, these same whiners try everything to get out of doing jury duty.




If they think the court system is so "messed" up, and that they know so much about the law, and know better than the judge, and the attorneys, then they should actually sit on a jury and make darn tootin' that the "right" verdict is reached.



If they aren't willing to do that, then they have no right to complain when a verdict is reached that they don't agree with.



And a true patriot of America would hnot shirk their civil responsibilities when they get a jury summons.



It really is as simple as that.

You must be very young. There are many reasons why people are not able to serve on a jury. So judgemental!