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@bbsr wrote:

Judith R. was on this morning with Antonella selling a bangle bracelet.  It was on clearance for $599.00. with a savings of $400.00.  Judith suggested that we buy two of them.  Really...Wow  It just sounded greedy to me...


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@MickD wrote:

......well....I have the bracelet .......bought it on clearance and it is stunning......if I had the doe, I'd buy another and wear together on the same wrist. It rocks the house!

@MickD I have a lot of Judith Ripka pieces from her earlier collections and love everything I have.  Haven't purchased anything in probably over a decade but everytime I see that bracelet it makes me sigh as I think it is beautiful.  It's nice to know someone has it and is enjoying it, good for you!

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 @momtochloe - cool....a fellow collector!  I started around 2005....I have monacos and necklaces up the ying- yang....just can't get enough.....I buy clearance now.

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Lots of times people forget their humble beginnings...the more you make the more you want...I mentioned in a post on Among Friends that I'm not a fan or her jewlry (I know lots of women are)...she seems to think her stuff is somehow well priced, what. Joke.  No matter, she gets her money either way.


Then you also have your actors, TV hosts, etc.  They're so ****** greedy.

arent the millions you make from your movies enough?  Do you really need commercials, sell clothing, shoes, jewelry, product endorsements, on and I said, the more you make,mothe more you want...greed always rears its ugly head.  

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You know if you can afford to buy jewelry like Judith's there is one good thing, you won't see it on everyone you meet. I don't wear silver jewelry but I like watching her shows if there's a good host with her. Beautiful pieces.

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What really makes me angry is that it's almost as if they prey on the elderly and weak and tempt, con them into buying everything and anything they do not need!  They don't have the money to do so, put themselves (and families) into a financial mess with charging everything on easy pay...that's the horrible hook!  Be careful of loved ones and yourselves as well, because ole' Judy as well as QVC and hosts don't give a hoot, and hoot isn't the word I'd really like to use!😤

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use them for weights while you scuba!

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They can say whatever they want, but their tired sales pitches don't work on me. In fact it's quite the turn off to me.  Some of these hosts (and vendors) are getting so bad that the channel gets changed.  I only buy based on what I like and need, not based on thier phony enthusiasm..  Judith's stuff doesn't appeal to me at all anyway, lol.

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I am so happy that I bought my Ripka jewelry pieces years ago when they looked expensive and beautiful.  To me her jewelry is way over priced for cheap looking  pieces. I can remember being so excited to watching her shows, now I could not care less!  Sorry but I never thought I would say that.

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Buy TWO!!!??? Yeah, right!  Has Judy been smokin' funny cigarettes?  lol