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Today is my birthday, I don't say this to garner well wishes, I have a point to make. This is my second birthday without my mom, I never miss her more than on my birthday. She would be the first to wish me a Happy Birthday, she would give me too much money but she was happy to. She would always say "show me what you bought". My mother gave me unconditional love, I wasn't always her favorite child but in her later years I was and knew it. 

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Happy Birthday.  I understand your heart today.  Just imagine your dear mom sending you hugs and kisses and watching over you.  I believe their spirit is here, and while we can't see them, you can still talk to them.  Visit with her today, and know she sends you her love on this special day for you.

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Happy Birthday! I know what you mean about missing your mom. Mine has been gone for years and I still miss her just as much as ever. We were best friends and had so much fun together. I didn't always do what she wanted me to, but she loved me through it all. 

Hope you have a very happy day. I'm sure your mom would want you to. Heart

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Re: Joyless Birthday

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I hope your birthday is filled with the Joy of your Mom remembered.  Believe me  I know.  I lost both my parents around 26 years ago.  I remember every moment.  I was an only child and I took it one day at a time, sometimes an hour at a time and at the worst moments.... a moment at a time.  Thankfully the worst moments do fade and the ones that remain are worth remembering.  Take care and please take the time to enjoy the joy that is out there.    

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Jordon enjoy your birthday with the given gift of forever love your mother gave to you on this day.


You are not able to " see her say those words" but clearly you feel them within you being. This is the joy she gives to you today.


Smile for the smile you miss, this is the gift she might like you to share with her today, in memory.


Buy a balloon, let it fly high, and wish yourself a happy birthday to share with her in heaven.


Blessings to you on you Birthday.

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It's so very hard when your Mother is no longer here.  This day makes you sad.

Maybe turn it around and make the day all about the woman who gae birth to you.  Pull out the pictures. From first to last.  Make a meal you remember her making.

You say she gave you money on your birthday.  If you can afford it maybe honor all she did for you by making a donation to a charity in her memory on your birthday.

To help another is to share her love.

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@Jordan2 : Totally agree and understand. I was 22 when my Mom died and I didn't remember my dad because I was 22 months old when he died.

Try your best to cherish your precious memories.🤗♥️🙏

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Re: Joyless Birthday

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If you want to feel better you may need to pay it forward and indulge someone on their birthday the way your mother indulged you on your birthday.  You may want to buy a gift for an underprivileged child or make a donation to your mother's favorite charity.

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It seems most women miss their mothers for many years after they are gone and think of them often.  I certainly do.  We understand your sadness, Jordan. She wouldn't want you to be sad, she would want you to keep the good memories close your heart.

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I'm new to the q boards.  Just wanted to say I understand. I lost my mother 25 years ago and can say it was the worst day of my life.  I'm in my 50's now and still miss her every single day.  It is a great loss, I know.  May it comfort you to know others care and keep the happy memories alive by talking about her. Happy Birthday to you.