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I didn't like the spaghetti strap dress she was wearing this morning on AM Style

I thought it was innapropriate for tv.


She wore dresses with more coverage throughout the day and had no problem applying her product.


IMO, she is an exhibitionist

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I just think Josie needs A LOT of attention.  JMO

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Totally agree, she needs to put some clothes on! She's showing off. Yes, Josie, we know you have a nice body! Yawn.
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@spiderw wrote:

I have been using Josie's products for years.  I love the body butter and use it daily.  It does help my  skin feel hydrated..  I also use her foundation which I like because it isn't heavy.  I have given her creams as gifts and am now trying her fragrances.


I think Josie always looks pretty and her dresses are lovely!  That is her style and taste and see nothing wrong with what she wears.  I watch her show for her products because they work for me, what she wears is her business. I think it is  refreshing to see a woman dressed up .  I also admire Josie as a business woman and wish her continued success.


She must be doing something right.  According to Google, she is worth 10 Million, mostly from this company.  She had a good idea and followed up on it.  She's a loving mother and takes care of her own mother too.  She deserves everything she's got. 


I buy and use several of her products and they are all good quality, natural, and cruelty free.  I guess anyone can be criticized.

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@Mom2Dogs wrote:

I always think she is underdressed...what gets me is the  TSV presentation EVERY HOUR!!  Good grief, I wanted to relax and watch AM style which I rarely do anymore, 1/3rd of the show was the TSV.


That applies to all TSVs these days, not just Josie's.



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We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Elie Wiesel 1986
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Re: Josie's Outfit

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I think Josie Maran's choice of dressing is more than appropriate....she wears everything very well and admire her ability to do so.  This is a very lovely, pleasant young woman who is delightful, joyous, projects positivity out into the world and I appreciate her message!  I am also very fond of her Argan products, they serve me well for my 70+ years.....

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It really is a shame that women have to attack other women about the way they look.  Women should be supporting each other.  For the women that condemn other women perhaps you might look in the mirror and learn to love other women. I typed this because of all the negativity in this thread.  Cat Mad

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@tockerman wrote:

anyone notice how oily her skin is I think her hand can slide right down her arm. I would think that product would make my skin over oily?

@tockerman  Josie has to apply her products multiple times for demonstration.

That is why her skin will look more "oily".


Customers would not be applying so much as Josie.



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Josie is a beautiful young woman and looks great in anything she wears.


I am impressed with how humble she is for her success level.

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I don’t mind her skimpy dresses, but it always make me anxious to see her slathering all that oil all over in nice expensive clothing.  I’ll bet she ruins her dresses in short order with all that oil.  I’d hate to be her dry cleaner.