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I also found the Tecumseh quote very inspiring.

That's the way I want to live life and leave it too. 

With honor, integrity and courage.

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@blackhole99 wrote:

John is truly a great American, a patriot.

I totally agree.  unlike a lot of politicians he seems to be fair and made decisions based on the countries needs not necessarily his parties wants.

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I hope someone prints all these up and sends them to him. And I'm so glad people are heaping praise on him, and thanking him for his service to our country, while he's still around to hear it.

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John McCain is an American hero and a Senator from my state.  I am sending prayers out to him and his family.  God Bless.  Heart

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I wish John McCain a peaceful passing. I pray for peace, for him, and his family. 

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I don't know that much about him except what I hear on the news but I wish him to be pain free and I wish him peace during this trying time.  

kindness is strength
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How fortunate our country has been to have John McCain as an example of bravery and patriotism.  Godspeed John.  You will always be honored.

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Re: John McCain

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I can't possibly add anything that wasn't already said----so I gave stars-----to all the wonderful replys. Said a prayer last night for John McCain and his famiyl and will continue to do so..  This has saddened me as we are loosing a great man and American.

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Re: John McCain

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He might be the first to tell you...he is a fortunate man. He has a devoted wife, a family...and many others...who love him, he’s made contributions in many areas and changed many lives. Not everyone can say that. 


And now he has had the gift of knowing that his time is coming to an end and has been able to say and do things he doesn’t want left unsaid or undone. 


A brave and honorable man in life and facing death.


I wish him an easy passing; and for his family (especially his 106-YO mother) and friends peace and strength in the time ahead. 


eta... I’ll be buying his most recent book, The Restless Wave

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