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An American hero. A true patriot and profile in courage. Thank you Senator, for your service, your decency and your unwavering commitment to our great country.

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He is a man of great courage and his faith has served him well. True hero in every sense of the word. God's mercy be with Mr. McCain and his Family. Amen.

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Just read about this earlier today.  What a tough decision to make.  Cancer is such a horrible disease.  Watched it consume too many people.  Keeping him and his family in prayer. 

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He has seen it all, and been through it all. He has a devoted family. My thoughts are with them. 

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We have a family member with the same cancer. Sometimes it’s not that you can’t take it anymore, it’s that no treatment is working. You’ve exhausted all avenues of medicine


He is a true American hero

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One of the few American leaders/politicians I fully respect.  


My prayers are with him and his family.  What a noble and mighty warrior John McCain is.

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@scatcat I can relate to your post. My younger granddaughter died from a glioblastoma at the age of 10. She went through hell, chemo and was the bravest little girl you can imagine.


John McCain will live on in our memories. He served his country well. Godspeed, Mr. McCain.

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May God bless & watch over him 🙏

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Re: John McCain

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Thank you Sen. McCain for your bravery, love of your country and your willingness to serve. 

May God be with you and your family during this incredibly difficult time.

Thank you to the McCain family for sharing Sen. McCain with our nation and all of us. 


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