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Was born with a heart defect and has undergone open heart surgery and will need several surgeries over the next years of his life.  Kimmel was very emotional when he told his audience about it.  Anybody see his monologue?  So powerful.

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Re: Jimmy Kimmel's new baby

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Yes I saw when he was speaking of him...  So sad to see a little baby all hooked up and bandaged up.  God bless him and make him better!

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Not a Kimmel fan but I have a grandson who had open heart surgery.    No younster should ever be sick!    


It's amazing how these children can be fixed as good as new.

My grandson is now 5 and you would never know he had the surgery.


Best wishes to Baby Kimmel.



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Our son had surgery when he was a newborn preemie at that, 29 years ago.  He has not had any problems what so ever, praises to God.


These days surgery has to be even better, so I'm sure the repair for this little one will heal just fine.


It is very stressful for parents to go through these kinds of things.  I don't wish that on anyone.

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I saw much of the clip in the middle of the night last night.  Moments ago, I saw the entire video on Raw Story.


I cried with Kimmel and cheered for him.  He's right, no parent should have to go through that or worry how they will pay for their baby's treatment.


We also support a children's hospital, and like Kimmel, never realized our extended family would need their special care until it was a life and death situation for the baby

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Billy and Jimmy Kimmel

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Poor little guy, I saw the photo with all that stuff hooked up to him.


It was tough to watch the honest pain of a Dad, but good for him for being so honest about it. Yes indeed, he is very fortunate that he doesn't have to worry about paying for his son's care and can get him the best care possible. So that's at least one worry he doesn't have. 


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I saw the very emotional video of Jimmy Kimmel. It just about brought me to tears. It's hard enough to find out that your child was born with a serious condition. Mr Kimmel can afford the best care for his son. No parents should have to worry that they cannot afford to get decent care for such a serious condition.

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The ladies on The Talk discussed it today, very emotional. I remember when Sly Stallone's oldest daughter also needed open heart surgery at birth, I think she is 20 by now.