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Re: Jill's farewell dress

To bad ladies, Jill has promised me her "hand me downs". Thanks Jill. 😊
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Re: Jill's farewell dress

Jill's dress was gorgeous, and she looked absolutely lovely! Woman Very Happy


Don't show hosts at QVC get a clothing allowance as part of their contract? That's usually the case for TV hosts. Annual clothing allowances for network TV show hosts run in the tens of thousands, sometimes into six figures. I'd be surprised if QVC doesn't underwrite some of the clothing costs for their hosts. 


And if they don't, or they don't reimburse everything, the hosts can surely deduct clothing expenses on their income tax as an employment expense. That alone would cut the cost of a pricey dress at least in half considering the high tax bracket that these gals are probably in. 


Just speculation of course. The dress rocked! 

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Re: Jill's farewell dress

@Trinity11 wrote:

@Marguerite wrote:

Thanks so much for the great sleuthing on the dress.  It is a beauty--but at close to $1000 I'll be watching it on someone else.  I'd never wear a dress enough to warrant that kind of money.  But good for the folks who can affort it!  It's very pretty

@Marguerite  All through the years Jill has worn beautiful clothing and a lot of it was traced to Neiman Marcus. I no longer watch QVC but when I did, she wore some very beautiful designer jewelry to go with her clothing. Always a very classy lady, I wish her well in her new endeavors.


Personally, I don't shop at Neiman's anymore because I am retired but I do have lunch there, I wonder if that counts. LOL

Shoekitty said

Yes kt does count.  they have great food.

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Re: Jill's farewell dress

I did not see the show but I LOVE that dress.

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Re: Jill's farewell dress

Stunning!  Beautiful lady!