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Re: Jessa Duggar Seewald is pregnant

Obviously, Josh Duggar is a freak & a perv. He has disgraced his entire family. Not to mention his wife & children.


One out of 19.


His siblings aren't responsible for his disgusting behavior; anymore than I'm responsible for my sister or brother's behavior.

I'm not going to dismiss the whole family because of one bad apple.

They're good people who take care of their own kids, they're not on the public dole, so whatever.



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Re: Jessa Duggar Seewald is pregnant

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Re: Jessa Duggar Seewald is pregnant

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I would have figured that Jill would have been the one pregnant with second baby before Jessa.. The daughter I feel sorry for is Jana - the oldest -- she has not been allowed to meet or get to know  any guys because they need her at home helping with all the younger kids. She is their permanent baby sitter. I'd be pretty ticked off if I were her! 

How would you know this to be true?. Lol I've read and seen where Jana does a lot of volunteer work (with males) she is a mid-wife/Dula (works) and she is also a Missionary in foreign countries. Hardly the stay at home hermit you paint her to be. Perhaps she is gay? She could also be private and protective especially if she is a survivor of her brother's acting out.... or perhaps , a mixture of some of these things.

@LizzieInSRQ- would you care to share the source of your reading material?

I've read quite a lot about Bill Gothard that is factual and objective. In fact, examples of his teaching materials are available online. 

They provide a "fair and honest" perspective on life in families who follow his teachings.

To the best of my current knowledge, neither Jana nor any of the other sisters in the family have actually "worked" as paid employees in any capacity, including midwife/doula. I have seen suggestions that she has "assisted" other trained professionals.

on the other hand, my mother was one of 8, and all the older children had household responsibilities, including caring for the younger. No big deal.

The Duggars have publicly stated that they have no association with Bill Gothard..........

Must've been People Magazine since I subscribe to it and also the show Ive watched where she is a volunteer firefighter along with her brother John David, a Dula (certified) and also documented that she has gone to South America on numerous trips with family and youth ministry groups especially during holiday times to orphanages and rural poor areas. 


I am not advocating their lifestyle but she is not being made to stay home and not have contact with others as the previous post impied.By not means is that true. 

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Re: Jessa Duggar Seewald is pregnant

If she REALLY wants more kids in her family - why doesn't she take in some of her younger brothers and sisters?


She and her sisters basically raised the young ones...there are still about 12 kids left at home...with NO older sisters to help (Jinger is engaged and will be married in a month or so - their engagements are very short).


She could take in one or two of the siblings right now...if her sisters all took one, they might have a chance at somewhat normal lives.

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Re: Jessa Duggar Seewald is pregnant

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