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Re: Jay Black Passed Away!

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This is how they appeared when I have seen them.


The current "Jay" is second from the left and his voice is almost identical to Jay Black.


They are very engaging on stage and tell some of the greatest stories.  Voices still strong and clear.

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Oh my, my heart skipped a beat.  I read your title and thought it was Jack Black.  Had to think for a moment to realize it wasn't the same guy.  I don't know Jay, but R.I.P.

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He had such a tremendous range in his voice, and so powerful. As we get older we sometimes forget that those that made the music we love, age also.


Condolences to all his loved ones and may he: "Rest in Peace".  ❤




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I loveJay and the Americans songs and my favorite is She Cried.  There were many great groups at the time with talent, they could sing.  Jay had one of the best voices and when he sang Cara Mia he excelled!  Jay and the Americans left their mark in the music world and were inducted into the Vocal group Hall of Fame, legends of music.


I am sad to hear that Jay has passed but his music will live on as great music does.  May he be at peace.

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So sad. Another one gone. Loved those songs!

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Cara Mia always gives me goose bumps so beautiful !!!  He had one of the best voices of his time ,  his range was 

incredible!!!     Magic Moment brings back wonderful summer memories for me !   His music will live on in all that love it .


Rest in peace 🙏🏻