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What a sad day!!!! Just heard that Jay Black, from the group Jay & the Americans, had passed away this morning. He was 82 years old and in poor health. Used to see Jay in concert when he came to New York--always put on a great show. He will always be "The Voice" to me!! Rest in peace for eternity Jay!! We'll miss you!!!


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He will be missed,

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Re: Jay Black Passed Away!

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@Gracies Mom 


I have seen the current Jay and the Americans at least 5 times in the past few years. 


The current lead singer also happens to be named Jay and has a wonderful voice.  Several members are from the original group.


They do a fabulous show and the music takes me back to my youth.  Listening to Cara Mia now...makes me misty


I'm so sorry to hear this...they did some of the greatest songs ever.  So many from that time are gone...makes me feel old!



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Cara Mia, so beautiful!!!

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This Magic Moment.




one my very first 45s

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So sorry to hear about this.  I remember seeing Jay and the Americans on American Bandstand and Ed Sullivan.  Such a great voice - loved Cara Mia and This Magic Moment.


Another one from my youth gone.  May he rest in peace.

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Then there's "Come a Little Bit Closer". Still love that song. Goodbye, "Jay" Black.

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What was that song about 'walking in the rain' and let's lock the door  and throw away the key now.

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See the source image

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Re: Jay Black Passed Away!

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Sorry to hear this.


I heard the group live in 1971 when they were paired with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  Fantastic show of great music.


Shady Grove Music Fair in Maryland.   That is a venue no longer there, I think.


May he rest in peace.  His "Cara Mia" gave me goosebumps.