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Do not watch her . . . ever.  They can put her name on 20 shows and I wouldn't watch any of them.


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@febe1 - I would say she's filling in for hosts who are missing (notably MBR after her accident).


What is she supposed to do, if asked to cover a show?  Refuse?  Seems to me all the hosts are helping to fill time slots they wouldn't otherwise be scheduled for.  I'm sure things will return to normal, when all the hosts are back at work.

If you read my post, @Venezia, I questioned all the new shows with her name on them. This would have nothing to do with "filling in."

Maybe, in that case, @febe1 QVC thinks she's doing a good job and utilizes her to maximize sales?  I doubt they'd put an under-performing host on in prime time.

Well, that's your opinion, and I think it's something else. 

@febe1 I'm not disagreeing with you, but what do you think it is if not Q deciding she does a good job and using her to maximize sales?  I really couldn't think of what else you could be referring to and am curious.

@Craxyyear2021, I didn't mean anything positive or negative about asking if anybody noticed how many shows now have Jane's name. That's why I asked. But if I were to guess, I would think it's b/c the Q has discovered that hosts love to have shows with their names in them. And maybe, like many companies do, give them shows with their names on them instead of a raise. 

From what I've noticed, @Craxyyear2021, Jane and Shawn may have the most shows named after them.. I suppose it might also be a reward for making excellent sales. My brother's company, a salesman, used to give exotic trips for the best sales monthly. Perhaps your name could also be an incentive by the Q, giving and taking. 

My question had no underlying agenda, @Craxyyear2021.What do you think?

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@febe1 I didn't really know.  I thought that either 1) She produces excellent sales and they (Q) wants her on the air more than other hosts or  2) Her husband is a major stockholder or executive at Q or 3) She negotiated some sort of contract after Lisa left...who knows what the politics are like there.  Maybe they were afraid to lose multiple hosts and they made her some sort of offer...I really have no idea.


 I thought (or was hoping!) that you knew somethign more than the obvious which to me was what Venezia put forth.  Good sales = more air time!

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As soon as Jane Tracy come on the tube the TV goes off.  

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We are now watching the Jane  Tracey channel instead of QVC,,,  she is the leader of a group called "hosts that hijack" they absolutely hijack whatever product and guest they are supposed to be hosting not taking over.  I love QVC it is usually so fun to watch even if I'm not buying, but when this host and a handful of others are on I change the channel.  If I wanted to watch the reminisce or chatty cathy channel I would change to Hallmark.

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Here's one...


"Stinkin' Cute with Jane".


Oh.  That was last year.

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She's the cosummate professional.

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I enjoy watching Jane's shows. Good to hear they're giving her some "trendy" products. I sometimes have felt sorry for her because they had given her some not-so-trendy merchandise to sell.

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@Miranda1550  Sorry Miranda, but I'm having a difficult time trying to read your posting.  The printing is too light.

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I would rather hear Jane use the word  "trending" then listen to hear Shaun say 'sick' which is what all the teenagers say! And speaking of new shows, Kersten has got a few new shows of her own, thats the only time I save money-cant change the channal fast enough.

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