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Funny how we all have such different opinions.  When I saw her today (for the first time in quite a while), I thought she looked awful.  Her face is too thin and sculpted, and I don't like the blonde hair on her at all.  No, no, no -- I don't think she looks good at all!

I was trying to also be diplomatic, I agree. I can't confirm but to me it looks like she had some kind of plastic surgery but "I" don't think she got great results compared to Dr Denese's plastic surgery.

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I completely agree @Happiness Is Inside JOB!

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even in two fairly recent photos on facebook she looks different.


posted in january







judith yesterday






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@AndiL, Because of her surgeries, I find her difficult to look at.  Good thing, because I don't watch so I don't buy.

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Not good!  She looks hardened and very similar to Joyce Wildenstein aka NYC cat woman.  Maybe she used the same surgeon.  I couldn't watch for that reason.