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Re: It should not be celebrated...

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Re: that 5% success rate...How do they measure success? Frankly, if a 600 lb patient loses 400 lbs I certainly call that a success...They may never weigh what the “weight chart” says they should, but sure I wouldn’t call that a “failure”...

‘Success’ is not gaining the weight back.

All the surgery & work to lose, then 95% of patient’s gain it back. 



Do you know why these patients wait until they are 600# to get help?

I think by 300 or 400 they should seek help.

You can qualify for the surgery at 400# even less.

A co-worker had the surgery and she was 300#, didn't look it, and kept it off.

She used her insurance or her husband's.   I know she had to wait for approval.

Another co-worker requested the surgery, she was a bit over 200# but on a tiny frame, barely 5 feet tall.   I retired & never heard of she had the surgery.

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Re: It should not be celebrated...

You know, I was thin for most of my life, now I am overweight, I have been on WW for 3 years now and the struggle is real. Whether I am fat or thin, I am still the same person. I should be celebrated for my strength, beauty, perseverance, empathy, etc, etc. We need to love each other despite our flaws. You never know how someone has struggled. I never knew an overweight person who did not wish he or she could lose weight. Weight issues are psychological or metabolic. It is not easy for some to get thin and remain thin. 

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Re: It should not be celebrated...

There are many contributors to high insurance rates.  

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Re: It should not be celebrated...

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I do not think taht morbid obesity should be celebrated.  Cosmo UK is wrong to laud the woman on this cover.  I am tired of paying high health insurance premiums because 1/13 of the US American population is morbidly obese.  This cover on Cosmo, and shows like My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and My 600 pound Life are absurd.   Not everyone needs to weigh 100 pounds, but to glorify  obesity is insanity.  I weigh 145 and wish I weighed 130, but I am 100% healthy with the exception of having rheumatoid arthritis.  I cannot get private insurance at a reasonable rate because of the RA.    This is because I have to answer about a preexisting condition, and insurance then assumes the worst due to the obesity rate in this country.  Sorry I am rambling, but why can't we encourage health and discourage obesity.  It not hormones either!


Nor should it be shamed they way you seem to want it to be. 


Why are there never threads started about drunks or drug addicts and how unhealthy their lifestyles are, and how much they are driving up the cost of insurance for the damages they are doing to their bodies, and it's treatment?


Weight appears to be the last thing people can judge others on without repercussion. No longer is it acceptable to judge people on the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual orientation etc. but step outside that weight chart and people think it's ok to judge. 


Let's face it, those who are uncomfortable with the emergence of obese people in the media are going to have to get over it. I don't think it is going to go away anytime soon.  



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Re: It should not be celebrated...

The subject of rising health costs aside I am just looking at this fasihon magazine cover for its esthetics. Everyone has their own idea of beauty. I find this model difficult to look at.  If she were dressed differently maybe I wouldn't as much. I also find anorexic models difficult to look at. I don't think either extreme is a good role model for young girls. 

Wear a mask. Social distance. Be part of the solution - not part of the problem.
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Re: It should not be celebrated...

I started out small, tiny, underweight and undersize.  But after I had my four daughters I struggle with constant weight gain.  I see the other side.  Overweight is not a choice and some of the foods out there become an addiction.  I for one am tired of seeing sizing on the shopping channels of xxs (I read the labels  on the display) and I hear the sizes being announced.  All I ask is they represent me also as well as representing some sort of dream I can never really achieve.  


What I am saying is we should celebrate who were are and if it takes a cover to make a difference, I am all for it.  

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Re: It should not be celebrated...

I think a lot of people just want to feel sorry for themselves.  


I don't give two figs about your health if you don't.  









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Re: It should not be celebrated...

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600 lb Life and Big Fat Fab Life encourage me to diet.  I don't think they are glorifying obesity.  Its clear to me that the subjects of these shows have deep, troubling emotional problems and addictive disorders.  To me, they serve as a warning of what can happen if we don't deal with emotional issues, laziness and a lack of self-control.  I get the frustration -- we live in a world where EVERYTHING i.e. eating, drinking, prescription drugs (even shopping at QVC) is done in excess.  We all need to self-examine and TEACH our children balance and self-control.  P.S.  I'm starting my diet tomorrow, AGAIN!!

I have only seen 600 lb Life once or twice, but I can tell you for sure watching Hoarders makes me clean the house!

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Re: It should not be celebrated...

If the cover balances the 14 year old runway models who are barely developed yet (but are posed as grown women; though I gather this is beginning to be regulated) and if it lessens the number of eating disorders among teens. . . .maybe a balance is good. 


People come in all sizes.  I like the way larger women now wear body conscious clothing rather than tents.  We are what we are and should own it.  Almost all of us also have aspirational goals and those can be life-changing, too. But there isn't one size to a woman, anymore than there is any one size to anybody. 


For people who have been lving for years at 600 lbs, the perils are very great.  That's not quite the same as showing a heavy model on a magazine cover.

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Re: It should not be celebrated...

@Carmie wrote:

Health insurance isn't cheap and never was.  Sick people make everyone's rate go up...sick people, not fat  people.  That includes skinny people who are sick and many are.  Not all fat people are sick.


It is what it is.  It's called cost sharing.  I don't have any illnesses.  Maybe your RA is making my costs higher.  I don't mind helping you by paying a higher rate because you are in need.

OP did not deny that many skinny people are sick (although I'd note that sometimes they're skinny because they're sick). Nor did she claim that all fat people are sick.  What she said is that "morbid obesity" raises rates for everyone -- a point that's undeniably true.  At least respond to the claim she's actually raising instead of setting up a strawman of your own.