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Re: It's time for Garage Sales!

Almost my whole house is furnished from estate sales and thrift shops. I'm sitting at my little green painted (with flower trim) gateleg desk I found in an attic at a mansion.


My window is filled with plants in old McCoy planters (I bought them before they became popular!)


My brass bed is from Pottery Barn, but I have my grandmother's Sears catalogue dresser and two other chest of drawers from estate sales.


I have my mom's Fiesta dishes and Pyrex casseroles. Even my juice glasses are "swanky swigs" - old jelly jars that came decorated!


I'd rather have something old Made in the USA - than something cheap from China or Vietnam!!!

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Re: It's time for Garage Sales!

Well, my "stuff" made me $50 yesterday and I only had maybe 5 things. They would have been donated (and we do donate every couple of months or so anyway) if they hadn't gone in the sale. We only put stuff in the Entire Town sale that we think are actually worth $$.


My niece has had, over the years, probably close to every piece of Temp-Tations ever made, some doubles, because the household used to have many large holiday dinners for 12-14 people, BBQs, etc and all the pieces were used. These days, no. Last year she sold a bunch at the Town Sale and this year she sold more.

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