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Re: It's A Free Country Man.

I think that we throw around the idea of a "free" country without actually knowing what that means.

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Re: It's A Free Country Man.

@Porcelain wrote:

If anyone wants me to be tolerant of behavior that violates my rights, my reply to that would be, "Nope." If you want to go around infringing on others' rights, that is not a "right" we all need to shut up and tolerate. It's being a bully. And bullies should be stood up to, not allowed to go around ruining things for others.


I have a right to go to a store and expect everyone I encounter to be doing their best to avoid giving me a serious, potentially fatal disease. You don't get to violate my right to health. No excuses.


If it were just a matter of opinion where there were absolutely zero real life consequences, I wouldn't care. Totally open minded. Maybe we're all just in a big simulation man. How so I know I'm even real....Whoa.


But as soon as you try to implement any ideas that infringe on my rights, IN THE REAL WORLD, it is no longer just your opinion. You are directly acting against my interests and put yourself in opposition to my freedom and happiness. Do not expect a rainbow or a sunshine if you choose to do that.

You expressed my opinions exactly, @Porcelain .

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Re: It's A Free Country Man.

@NEvans2 wrote:

@CrazyKittyLvr2  I totally agree with you. The same goes for the idiots who won't wear masks. As I've said before, if you don't like a mask, you're going to hate a ventilator. Or maybe people who are so up in arms about mask wearing can sign a waiver saying they go to the bottom of the list for a ventilator. The people who are doing what they should get first dibs. JMHO

@NEvans2 His "free rights" stop where my nose starts!!!

Entitled much, Buddy???????

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Re: It's A Free Country Man.

I hate the masks, but I'm wearing them.  Mostly because I don't want to cause a problem for store employees.  I don't believe for a minute that I'm protecting you from the virus, or that your mask is protecting me.  I am no where near you.  I also am not judging people I see without the mask because I actually believe there are some that have health issues wearing one.  Just like I don't judge someone who parks in a handicap parking spot, I won't judge someone not wearing a mask.  As long as there is distance between me and you, carry on........

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Re: It's A Free Country Man.

July 27, 2020 Updated July 29, 2020


"Researchers have long known that masks can prevent people from spreading airway germs to others — findings that have driven much of the conversation around these crucial accessories during the coronavirus pandemic.


But now, as cases continue to rise across the country, experts are pointing to an array of evidence suggesting that masks also protect the people wearing them, lessening the severity of symptoms, or in some instances, staving off infection entirely.


Different kinds of masks “block virus to a different degree, but they all block the virus from getting in,” said Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease physician at the University of California, San Francisco. If any virus particles do breach these barriers, she said, the disease might still be milder.


Dr. Gandhi and her colleagues make this argument in a new paperslated to be published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Drawing from animal experiments and observations of various events during the pandemic, they contend that people wearing face coverings will take in fewer coronavirus particles, making it easier for their immune systems to bring any interlopers to heel.

Dr. Tsion Firew, an emergency physician at Columbia University who wasn’t involved in the work, cautioned that the links between masking and milder disease haven’t yet been proved as cause and effect. Even so, the new paper “reiterates what we say about masks,” she said. “It’s not just a selfless act.”

Ideas about the importance of viral dose in the development of disease have cropped up in the medical literature since at least the 1930s, when two researchers formally noted that mice exposed to larger quantities of germs were more likely to die. More recently, scientists have gone as far as to puff different amounts of a flu virus up the noses of human volunteers. The more virus in this nasal plume, they found, the likelier the participants were to get infected and experience symptoms."

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Re: It's A Free Country Man.

@Dusty1 wrote:

While I don't disagree with you about people being belligerant saying things like "it's a free country! I don't have to wear a mask/helmet/life jacket". Probably the people that are saying that are the first ones that will need help.

I don't like being told how to live my life "for my own good", because the government knows better than me.

But, I also have fairly good common sense & have done a decent job of taking care of myself & my family.

On the other hand, I truly don't agree with "shut your yaps", "idiots", "zero sympathy & tolerance"...what is happening?

Does everything have to be a batlle with someone being "right"? 

What our country needs right now IS a bit of sympathy & tolerance. 

We don't all have to agree on things, & we can explain why we disagree, but I wish we wouldn't jump so quickly to judge & chastize.

@Dusty1While I agree we all have a right to dance to the beat of our own drum, and it does make fascinating conversation to listen, and converse with people that have different points of view. 


I do not understand the "I don't like being told how to live my life "for my own good", because the government knows better than me. This is a pandemic, and science is dictating the use of masks.


I agree with @CrazyKittyLvr2 You got this right!

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Re: It's A Free Country Man.

@wvumountiefan Thank you for understanding what I was saying.

I just can't understand when we became these finger pointing, name calling, shaming adults.

And, the whole mask discussion has been had.

I can't tell you why some people won't even be in their car, alone, with that mask on.

I can't tell you why some people will fight the employees of a store that they have gone into before they will just leave or put on a mask, if the store has made that a requirement.

I can tell you it's a decision that they have made with all of the same information that is available to you on Yahoo & they do not need you telling them that they are wrong, selfish, an idiot or a yapper.

Do your thang. Live your life the way that feels true for you. 

Please, except that I want to the do same.

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Re: It's A Free Country Man.

@suzyQ3 wrote:

I think that we throw around the idea of a "free" country without actually knowing what that means.


I agree with you.


May this country always remain "free"