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Re: It is simply not possible

@gidgetgh wrote:

To be honest, while I love to shop, I'm not a big fan of those two stores.


Home Goods- every time I looked at furniture (small pieces) for my dad's assisted living room, everything I looked at had damage.  Every single piece.


I did buy one small table/shelf thing a few months ago at Home Goods for us.  It also had some slight damage so they gave me 10% off.  The associate told me that all of their furniture has damage.  Kind of makes me not want to go there.  I know they have a great selection of lamps, but do those also have damage?


And the Marshalls near us is a mess.  I went in a few months ago for the first time in years, spent a few minutes walking around and left.  I don't plan to go back, at least not to that one.


I feel the same way as you do about Home Goods.    It might just be my local store but it is so crowded and everything is in such disarray.   The aisles are so packed you can barely move your cart through the store.  


Since I've never been in our local Marshall's store I can't comment on it.  If it's anything like the Home Goods store I haven't missed anything.


My favorite store was Linen & Things.  I still miss it.

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Re: It is simply not possible

I have the same problem at Costco.  I always end up with SOMETHING not on my TV😄

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Re: It is simply not possible

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For me, I buy things I don't really need.  Part of it is the credit card/points.


I have removed it from my wallet.


With Marshalls, etc, you have to go once a week to snag the good stuff otherwise it's pretty useless.  It's also not good if you are looking for something very specific.



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Re: It is simply not possible

The best (worst?) thing ever was when they built a TJMaxx in the same strip mall as my grocery store.  I'm in there every week before my grocery shopping!

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Re: It is simply not possible

I love Home Goods.  I haven't bought any furniture there, but I don't think it's all damaged.  I take that back - I bought some ottomans and a desk there.  They were all in perfect condition.


The store that I can't walk out of without dropping some change is Target.  I go in for a couple of things and walk out with a cart full of stuff. LOL

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Re: It is simply not possible

Williams Sonoma
Pottery Barn
Sur la Table
Barnes and Noble
Home Goods

Not interested in Marshall’s or Ross. They always look like a herd of elephants just ran through the place.
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Re: It is simply not possible

I’m surprised my local Ross is still in business. The shelves aren’t full and cheaply made merchandise. They opened a huge Big Lots near it and it doesn’t carry clothing so maybe that helps them.

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Re: It is simply not possible

Last week I went to At Home store.  Three hours later "browsing" and a few things in my cart ...decided nope not get anything!


Great store but I don't really need a thing🤷‍♀️ 

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Re: It is simply not possible

Not now, I rarely go into those discount stores now but back when I did the mall thing, I would indeed go in to pick up a bra and walk out with 9 other things....and no bra.   

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Re: It is simply not possible

Never set foot in TJMaxx, HomeGoods or Marshalls.


While I do like PB, WS and Ulta, I usually shop them online. That way I can see my total and let it sit for a day or two before I check out.