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Re: It Shouldn't Be So Hard to Give Clothes Away . . .

Ladies, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!  I knew I came to the right place when I told you about my clothing dilemma.  You smart cookies got me moving in the right direction.  I've had a busy, successful day.  I reached out to law enforcement this morning who hooked me up with a woman volunteering at a large women's shelter in my county.  She came to the house, loved the suits and said how many women would benefit.  While she was here it occurred to me I had pumps and hand bags that I also don't need - again all in great shape.  She took them all and was thrilled to have them and I was equally as happy to know they'd find their way to those who needed them.  Win Win!


After she left I boxed up some of my funkier, off duty clothing, went to the post office and sent them to my younger sister across the country.  As kids she was a constant thorn in my side "borrowing" my clothes, and now I'm happy to give her things I find myself either not fitting in or not wearing.  So funny, I find myself wearing about 10 articles of clothing over and over again!  I feel about 100 pounds lighter ridding myself of things I truly no longer need or want and knowing they've all found good homes.


I would especially like to thank you all for your kind words and eagerness to help.  You're the best and I very much appreciate you all and our Q community.  LuLu

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Re: It Shouldn't Be So Hard to Give Clothes Away . . .

@Its Me LuLuBelle2   I hope the ladies who receive your beautiful clothes will appreciate them and care for them as you did. Even if they don't, you did a wonderful thing. Feel good about it. Thank you for your kindness to others. It's a good reminder for me.


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Re: It Shouldn't Be So Hard to Give Clothes Away . . .

We have big trash the 1st Monday of the month, I put out an old bbq broken wheel, dirty racks also a tv with manual & wrote posted note I work etc... we put out on sat. and by Monday before big trash it's gone. A computer chair(metal underneath) needed to be soldered  gone. Sometimes just putting it out and some handy person can use it maybe better than charity. The only scary thing I put out was a mattress & it rained that day, someone took it. Well I would never take another person's mattress let alone wet from rain. We don't know but guess people love my junk & recycle it, good for them. All my neighbors do the same thing before big trash.