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Isaccs Cashmere is so thin, you can see the models jeans through it. $265.98, don't think so!!!

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When I worked, I had a lot of cashmere sweaters.  They are so soft and warm.


I once bought a gray cashmere sweater from Issac and it was supposed to be two ply probably was with each strand as thin as tooth floss.  It was okay and it fit well, but certainly wasn't the best quality. And yes, you could see right through it under certain lights.

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The only place I ever bought cashmere sweaters was at Lord & Taylor's when they had their end of season sales.  Great quality and great prices.  Gone and sorely missed!


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That's a shame. I own many of his cashmere items and they are all thick and lush. The last time I purchased something was....3-4 years ago because he hadn't brought in anything OR the item (not items) was not my style. I wonder if he's changed manufacturers? Then again, everything is less quality or amount but costing more money these days.

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