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I work a few days at home. If I don't know someone is coming over to visit, I don't open the door. Well on two different occasions, a guy came to my door. I peeked out the window and watched him leave. Opened the door and a census card fell out. Looks official, but didn't think anything else about it. I told my mom about the guy just in our everyday conversations. No biggie. Didn't think I told her about the business card.

Today my mom calls me at work and said she knows who the guy is. HE CALLED HER! ???? When does a census worker do this? She said he told her that I'm on his contact list and needs me to answer the survey for my local county. She said some of the questions were about healthcare. She asked how he got her number. He said he called his supervisor since my number wasn't working (changed the number two months ago) and his supervisor found a number as an alternative contact???????? She took his name and number and told him that I'm a private person and that I probably wouldn't want to participate in the survey. He said that's fine; just asked that I call him to tell him that. She did not give my phone number to this guy. Mom told me if I called him to go to a business and used their phone.

1- Who in the world has this much info for a county survey?

2- Is this normal or not?

Thoughts and advice is welcomed. Thanks!