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Re: Interview with a Nurse about COVID-19 Patients

 I have kept in contact with several nurses that are former students of mine that have been in New York assisting with the COVID-19 patients.


  I also know a nurse that has been a critical care nurse that is in New York.  She has many years of critical care experience in large major trauma hospitals and says she has never in her life seen anything like this.  And she never wants to see anything like this again in her life.


Their stories are heartbreaking and yet inspiring.  They say this is a horrible disease of something like they have never seen.  Patients crash very quickly, needing intubation with very little warning and then require long term aggressive treatment to even keep them alive.  All the while, more patients are rolling in.  


And yes, they are all a little scared of getting this disease and ending up like these patients.  As one of them put is a horrible way to die.  And then to die alone puts a whole nother spin on what they are used to in nursing.  






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Re: Interview with a Nurse about COVID-19 Patients

People were asking about going to the salon when they open back up.  People are assuming that if businesses are deemed safe to open again, it is safe to go to them.  They weren't talking about salons illegally opening up and being willing to go in.  


And it's not only people with Covid-19 that are unable to see their loved ones.  It's people with other conditions, who are confined to the hospital and cannot have any visitors at all.   Some of these people are terminal and will die alone.

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Re: Interview with a Nurse about COVID-19 Patients

Breaks my heart

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