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Re: Interesting update on retail stores

@catwhisperer we have been buying more and more at Aldi's.


The only thing I didn't care for was their brand of Cashew Sweet & Salty Granola bars, I still prefer Nature Valley BUT I do like their Peanut, Almond & Dark Chocolate version.


We have a Lidl being built and it looks like it's almost finished.  Can't wait because we need another supermarket around here.

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Re: Interesting update on retail stores

I enjoy shopping in a mall, or any brick and mortar store along the avenue.

I like to see, feel, and look at any product before buying.

I prefer trying on a shoe to fit my feet, or even any article of clothing.

I like the atmosphere of being among the living and having casual interactions with others that I have never known before.


Yes as I get older it is difficult at times to get out and walk but it is rewarding to part of

buying and sitting down and having some lunch or something.


Maybe QVC etc. should try again opening stores in malls. Makes it easier to return with no fees.

It would enable customers to view some products. Add to  their line of retailing with this type of variety, making it consumer friendly.


I do order online and from Amazon and so forth but doing so is tiresome and lazy. It is enlarging the population of the couch potato.


Shopping online for food does not appeal to me. I like to see the food I am buying first hand.


Sure I enjoy receiving packages, but not shipping costs. Hate return costs. Really get annoyed when I receive something that is damaged or not as what was presented online. Besides, the Dollar Store is like the candy store of the past.


I for one hope malls, and neighborhood stores can make a come back.

That Tiffany lunch seems delightful, definite reason to spend the day in the city.

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Re: Interesting update on retail stores

It's just just like with anything.  The media will constanly put in the spotlight something and make it a star.  Everyone wants in on it and thinks -- well, if the news and t.v. is talking about it, it must be the best thing to do.  I, of course, think Amazon is great for a lot of people just like the Q is.  It's especially important if you have mobility issues and can't really get out much.  And there are certain things you can't find at all where you live.  But for the most part, I want to shop in person.  I want to support my local stores.  And I enjoy shopping at local stores. Also, I don't understand the attraction of having someone else do all your shopping for you and even delivering it.  Unless, as I said, you have physical issues, and then, of course, this is a very helpful option.  I, personally, want to be able to do these things for myself as long as I am able!!!  And I totally agree with others who have posted about the ridiculous cost of S&H.  For me, this is an important issue.  When I consider the cost of something, I factor the shipping charges into the price.  If the cost of something is pretty good and then you add on the shipping fees and it's more than what I would pay if I went to a B&M store --- where is the bargain?  Another example, I go regularly to Walmart to do a lot of my grocery shopping.  It is getting so crowded in the aisles with the large carts of people doing the home delivery service, that you can hardly get to the products to do your own shopping!  

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Re: Interesting update on retail stores

I'm glad that some stores are seeing a resurgence.  I remember spending much time at a mall hanging out while growing up.  Since I rarely take my kids to one they find it exciting just to go on an escalator. LOL


Personally I have never been able to stand Amazon.  There is just too much stuff on there and you have to sort through items available for free shipping and those which aren't.  That is also how I feel about shopping at some stores such as TJ Maxx - its just too much work to find something.  I go to Walmart for certain items which I know are a deal there (Walmart banks on us believing everything in the store is a deal which it isn't).  Its easier to look elsewhere.  I always try to look for shipping deals such as order online and pick up in store or ship to store.