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Re: Indoors or Outdoors Person

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I would not mind summer except for the high humidity. Before having asthma and allergiesWoman Mad I liked to hike and be in the sun and get tan. Now I dont even like anything outside in the summer, no cookouts or picnics for me. Just cant handle the humidity, even if I use the inhaler first. Woman Sad  Since my Dad and a friend both had pre cancerious areas on their skin, it made me not be a sun worshiper anyways. So dont miss getting tan in the sun.  Give me a perfect Fall weather day and I love being outside lol.

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Re: Indoor or Outdoor Person ?

I spend most of my day in bed due to chronic Lyme Disease and its complications but I love outdoors and have spend a few hours each day cleaning up my yard and flower beds this year. I can barely walk when I'm done but I love beautiful flowers.

I could care less about cleaning my house!

I have lots of feral cats I trapped and socialized inside and they keep me busy.

I love watching tv and I bought myself a little weber grill and have been grilling outside most days.

My yard has never looked better and I planted a garden outside with tomatoes, cucumbers and corn. I planted lots of flower seeds for the first time and they are coming up great! 

I have never minded being inside and this year has not really made a difference to me.

People have been posting lots of free stuff on the curb so I've been going to get tomato cages, edging and mulch. I even bought a used sofa for a really good price and went and picked it up. 

I'm exhausted, hurting but pretty happy. 

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Re: Indoor or Outdoor Person ?

I like both. The older I get, the less I like real extremes in temps, but I still love to be out on a cold snowy day for a bit, and like the warmth of summer (not the humidity so much!). Live in the country, and love the woods, my gardens etc. 


I love the inside of my home as well. I've spent a lot of years and money trying to make it my haven, so I'm never opposed to spending time there either.

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Re: Indoor or Outdoor Person ?

I'm both.

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Re: Indoors or Outdoors Person


Exactly the same! 


I had MOH's surgery this past November.


In my youth, I constantly tried to get a tan, and I would only



I did my DNA test and came out 98% North-Western

European--no real surprises.  My paternal grandmother

was from Denmark.



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Re: Indoor or Outdoor Person ?

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BOTH---depending on the season....,.


I love being outdoors in the Spring in South Texas when all the wild flowers are in friends and I travel around and take photos of all the beautiful flowers....

🌼 🌹 🌺 🌷


I like the "Fall" when temperatures cool down and... going for a walk at a State Park ...I like being able to sit on my patio and read, or inside with some homemade soup, and watching football....

 🍁🎃 🍂 🏈


And I like "winter" when "blue northers" bring in the crisp, cold air....I also like to be inside wearing a nice sweater, and all cozy and curled up with a throw, drinking hot chocolate, reading or watching a TCM movie.....I also LOVE Christmas...

❄️🎅 🌲 🌬️



I HATE Summer.....I HATE the heat, humidity, bugs, and high A/C bills.....To me Summer is a self-imposed quarantine, I stay inside or scurry from air conditioned office to perhaps a store then back to air conditioned home....

🌞 🥵 🌞🦟🐜🕷️

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