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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

@aroc3435  I don't know because (whenever possible) I try to avoid the news.


My brain hurt from trying to figure out what is and isn't true.


It wouldn't surprise me though.  Isn't it unbelievable that someone would have to be told this?


I live on the outskirts of some large cities in Virginia.  I have a neighbor who used to allow his friend to hunt (with bow and arrow) deer on his property.  He owns quite a few acres.  


I told my friend if I ever saw an arrow on my property, I'm calling the cops and they'll know where to go.  We are really good friends.  As far as I know the friend's friend no longer hunts on his property.  I don't think it stopped because of something I said, I think my words made my friend think of the possibility that once that arrow is shot .... well...who knows where it will end up!  Ha!


We do still have deer in the yards and some wild life around.  People try to hang onto the country life as long as they can.  I understand that.....but one has to use one's brain too.

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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

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@SilleeMee wrote:

I have no shortage of inconsiderate neighbors. Stuff like:


...loud music in cars driving by during all hours of the day and night

...gun shots 

...uncontrolled barking dogs

...unsupervised very young children doing bad things

...loose pets pooping in places and no clean-up by the owners (cats, too)

...people running powered lawn equipment early morning and late-night hours.



Sounds like I am just a cranky old ladyWoman Tongue who needs to move away from all of this inconsiderate behavior...but I just can't afford to do that.


People lack common courtesy these days


Also: that yell all the time that have a loud base, and your house shakes

....weeds that are 5 feet tall

....houses that have too many people living in it


You are not cranky. I expect to have peace in my own home. I am not saying  there won't be any noise etc. I am not into HOA;s, just want neighbors to be good neighbors.

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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

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Thank God I live in California.  You are not allowed to even fire BB gun outdoors.  I live in the only city in the County that allows the sale of safe and sane fireworks.  It is a war zone here on the 4th, and the weeks leading up to and after the 4th.  Even the poor fish in my pond hide for days.  The neighbors shoot off those bomb things.  They shake the ground for a mile.  But i can not imagine having to put up with target practice and  loud noises day or night all year round.  That is awful

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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

@software wrote:

The house next to me is a rental.

$1100 per month

you would think that would attract a nicer resident



It's one disaster after another.   They stay a year, then it's a new renter.

Over & over.


The last one met a man online for s e x, when the guy got to the house, her boyfriend robbed him of everything, including his clothing.    That night was fun.    Police everywhere, but she's gone now.    Got some new ones.


I pay 1400 a month rent, plus all utilities and lawn care.  You should see some of the owners homes yards and unkept houses.  They are just shy of not meeting the HOA rules.  All renters aren't like your neighbors, just like all homeowners are not like you are.

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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

Yes, but they moved.


They had three old hearses which sat in their driveway, within sight.

At all hours, they would rev said hearses to get them to keep running.

Adding, all of these unsightly monstrosities needed mufflers, rust removal, and windows (not covered with plastic tarps).

While all this was going on, several loud discussions usually occurred, using extreme vulgarities.



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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

We had horrible neighbors for the past 13 years....they finally quieted down a couple of years ago.  But they were also sloppy and never maintaned their property.


They have recently moved and their house is on the market.  They have it advertised as a "very quiet neighborhood."  LOL!  It was before they came, and is quiet again now that they are gone!

"I've been here since October 2006. Wow!"
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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

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I can relate too, and it totally rots to have cr@ppy neighbors. So sorry. Ours finally moved in the middle of the night, due to foreclosure, and the house is being Reno-ed now. Who knows about the next neighbors... we have bad luck.

Agree that while HOAs can be a pain, but at least everyone must follow the rules-  Here, condos are rare so HOA fees are usually >$600/ month, pretty steep...

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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

I would rather have sloppy yards (not like unsanitary stuff) , then loud noises.

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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

I live in the burbs with HOA, I lived in Calif without a HOA and neighbor (he fixed cars on weekends with welding parts together, sparks flying everywhere in a dry summer) I knew then next house was HOA. My neighbors are nice & keep their yards nice. If a jerk moves in then we all will work together with the HOA plus taking pictures too. Neighborhood is young & retired families that work hard to maintain their property. Yes, there are bbq's & pool parties on holidays or a b/d but not every weekend and most are done by 11pm. 

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Re: Inconsiderate neighbors, do you have one?

Believe me there is one in every neighborhood. I just moved into this new neighborhood last July and in October a couple moved in and that’s our one! Happens to live within eye shot of me. There is an  time ordinance possible.but in this day and age you have to be afraid of retaliation. Just no consideration.