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You've probably seen this already, but I must say, it's very sweet.



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What a sweet photo!

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Looks like they are both comforting each other @BoopOMatic 

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@BoopOMatic  you tricked me lol. I was so excited to see what other news you had. Anyway, you made up for it. Great picture. First time seeing it.

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I know I would be lost without my dogs.

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I'm so happy you posted this! I hadn't seen it and it is beautiful and touching.


Your caption perfectly reflected the expressions on both faces.


How difficult to bear grief your publically when you ache to mourn privately.

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So sweet. 

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Re: In other news.......

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They are all grieving. This is their mother, grandmother, and to do this in public must be agony. I saw the pictures of everyone going up to her casket.


Harry is so distraught. Not only is he grieving his grandmother, but it brings him back to what he felt when he lost his mother. The person that can best comfort him is his brother.  


They had a bond when their mother died. Harry even referenced it during the Oprah interview. Their wives can support them, but William is the only person that knows how he feels.

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Thanks for posting pic @BoopOMatic  I hadn’t seen it and I love it, simply beautiful. 

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He is so cute and so is Harry