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I'm in a terrible funk. Have no idea what to get 2 of the 3 Grand-kids. They are not biological but we have been the the only stable Grandparents they have. Now they have disrespected us terribly. And were so frustrated the oldest boy has taken things from our home twice that we know of the oldest girl has hit and pushed us,yelled at us, and plain talks back. The older two frustrate us so we are at wits end. I so confused as to what to buy them since we can't get past the disrespect and they have no problem telling me what they want for Christmas. I'm really just at a loss as to what to do and spend. I really have no issuse's with my younger one and he is biological. He has always been close to me and rarely gives me problems. I do not look forward to this Holiday at all. I feel people like my older Kids are being nice to me so I will buy for them and their kids. Just really feeling the pressure.I just needed to vent.