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Re: Illinois to close all bars and restaurants beginning tomorrow

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Wish I could say what I really think - that there should be a clear consistent Federal directive, not a piecemeal approach by local and state governments. Causes confusion and more stress.



I’m in the “let’s stop playing games...” camp.


Shut it down. Shut it ALL down. Everywhere. Until further notice. Stay home. With very few exceptions such as medical. Police it. 

ITA! Shut it down! I cannot believe that Las Vegas is still up and running. All those people crowded into huge buildings together, touching cards,chips, gambling machines etc. Every other big gatherings of people are stopped WHY not Vegas? Why hasn't the Gov. stepped in and stop the madness of all those folks ignoring the guidelines and THEN going home to their states spreading things. VERY irresponsible. Nevada....step up and stop this madness. Why are they still open when sports, Disney,churches,schools etc are all closed? Do gambling establishments have different rules? Guess casinos are "special".

I am not sure some are aware of the damage being done to the economy by these closures.  There has to be a balance.  Those who continue with the shut everything down rhetoric have lost all common sense.  Closing everything down will crash the economy beyond anything repairable.  



This is more important than the economy. 



There must be a balance without people jumping off of each end.  We have stop the very rapid transmission of this disease, if not, we can’t help anyone.  If we keep transmitting we will overwhelm our health care system, that could result in major loss of life.  Break the chain.  


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Re: Illinois to close all bars and restaurants beginning tomorrow

I live in Illinois. Happened to have the TV on when it was decided that the eateries and bars were to close. Yes it is right that they will be open for Drive thru and for pick up. What you can not do is dine in.


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Re: Illinois to close all bars and restaurants beginning tomorrow

So many employees of bars and restaurants depend on tips for the majority of their salary....if no one is using the inside of the establishment then there goes the tips. 


Unless they are adding them in to food costs when picking up an order? 


I'll admit I haven't done any pick up orders in a very long time and will unlikely be doing any time soon....nor restaurant delivery for that matter. 



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