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Re: If you got a chance to travel to anywhere, what would you like to see?

@QualityGal wrote:

Been looking at some pictures and I'd love to see a Swiss village with mountains behind it, or a little village in the mountains (Germany), or something on that line.


You know, there's a scene in that one Star Wars movie, where Annikan & ........step out of a boat. I think it's pretty but I'm not sure if it's real or superimposed into the picture.


Italy had some pretty places to see too. But, mountains really win out for me.


Where would you go to and what would you lilke to see?

If it was The Force Awakens some of it was filmed in Ireland at Skellig Michael.

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Re: If you got a chance to travel to anywhere, what would you like to see?


 Fav domestically is Nashville/Knoxville/Chatanooga. WOW. Beautiful beyond. People born there are so blessed to be in that beauty.


  Loved Kaiserslautern, Germany as an exchange student for 3 weeks in high school. Toured lots, went to school, living with a host family. The people were great. I went with a huge group from home and I knew none of them (they were great too!). I wasn't a German student, I had 5 years of Spanish, LOL!


 My families all German, my dh is Scottish mostly a little British.


 I would love to go to London and see the art, the architecture, the **shopping** OMG!!, just be there. Smell the air. The Royal stuff. All of it.


 Then I would like to go to Cork, Ireland. Almost got to move there in our mid 20s but dh was not sure. Should have done it. Would love to just sit in their pubs and restaurants and go shopping at their groceries. Just be there like locals. They were so friendly to my dh when he was there for work. He went to their homes and was just so welcomed. I would love to move there now. Go to London, see stuff, go back to Ireland, rest. Rinse. Repeat. Forever. LOL.


  My daughter has been to Greece recently and really wants us to see it. She loved Italy too. The food.  She's in the Navy so they don't go to tourist areas, just very gritty, real ones more like. She has done some amazing tours all the same. She's got my spirit of adventure for sure. She even got to Dubai. Her dream is to go to Japan to visit. She didn't get stationed in that area and she's still mad about that!


Fun thread!

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Re: If you got a chance to travel to anywhere, what would you like to see?

@Irshgrl31201 wrote:

I want to take a cruise to Antarctica. You go through the Drake Passage and stop at several islands on the way to Antarctica like South Georgia, Falklands and other sub Antarctica islands. You get to see the Penguin colonies and other types of sea life like different types of whales. I want to stop on South Georgia and see Shackletons gravesite and see old whaling stations on these islands. 


I think it would be amazing to see all the gorgeous icebergs, glaciers and step foot onto Antarctica, a continent that most will never see. I want to go see Robert Scotts hut from his 1910-13 expedition, they say it remains pretty much how it was. 


Don't get me wrong, I don't mind going to a beach but when I travel I want to see stuff. I am really interested in history and when I travel, I don't want to lay out on a beach and drink the whole time. I only like to travel with certain people too because I once went to Rome with a friend and she drove me crazy the whole time. She just wanted to shop. You can do that anywhere really or save it for your last day. She had never been to Rome and wasn't the least bit interested in seeing the historic sites. I just can't imagine wanting to go shopping more than to see what a city has to offer in terms of historic sites, museums, great old restaurants, etc... 

My best friend did that on a National Geographic tour. I saw all her slides. It was spectacular. She also did the other pole as well. I've heard, though, that Drake Passage can be very rough. Many get seasick.