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If anyone can relate please read.

My niece turned 39 in October. She had her last son 10 years ago and after blood work and an aminocentisis she was told there could be a high possiblity he could be born with down's syndrome. I was in the birthing room with her and he was just perfect. No birth defects and a wonderful nephew. I found out a few weeks ago she is pregnant and once again she and her husband were told the same dreaded possibility. They did not plan this and our family is worried sick. My sister is close to a nervous breakdown. They are going in for a consultation soon. Then to make matters worse her supervisor called her in and said we would like your resignation. She has been a very good employee, never written up, even promoted 8 years ago. They, like so many need her insurance and income. She is so stressed she has hives and now horrible headaches. She told her boss, demote me but I will not resign. She replied "I will let you know" She does not belong to a union. Can they do this because she is pregnant? I would dearly appreciate any input on both issues. I know many women have babies in their 40's. Please say a prayer for her. She is my only niece and her name is Lori. Thank you so much.