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Re: If You Think QVC Shipping is High

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No, I do not think the Q’s shipping is high. 


Still, would be nice if they offered free shipping on orders of a certain amount. Lots of companies do that. 

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Re: If You Think QVC Shipping is High

They are just adding the shipping into the cost of their merchandise. Costco has jacked up the prices of a lot of their things online while claiming free shipping...but if you go into the warehouse, the same stuff is there for at least $5 less....the protein drinks we buy are $24.99 for a online they are $33.99 with “free” shipping.....
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Re: If You Think QVC Shipping is High

@chrystaltree i shop neiman,  and nordie..I never pay  shipping or return fee.  i never complain about their prices.  i buy the the same make up, skin care there as qvc as well.  the prices are the same , the difference is i receive free shipping, return, points I use for money there. I receive free gift wrap at Neiman.  oh, and 2 day  Same with other places I shop.  they all come with the same guarantee.


I shop QVC,just not as often as I did. It depends if I want to wait 1-2 weeks for delivery. also, I refuse to buy shoes, handbags or any large scale item on QVC, with iffy sizin, or if it is too hard to return..  i am not a return person.  if  I order something, I do not want to check it out, and return..  i really want it, or need it and cant be bothered with constant returns. jmho

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Re: If You Think QVC Shipping is High

@songbird wrote:

I get free shipping with all of my premium jeans.  Some places don't even charge tax.  But yesterday I puchased a Sarah Slim jean from Paige. (Yesterday was Memorial Day sale) But charged nearly $13.00 in tax.  Free shipping.  I stopped buying online from Nordstrom and the Rack.  Too much tax, plus shipping.  So I go down to Nordstrom instead.   Italian denim, made in the USA  98% cotton, 2% Elastane


Sara Slim striaght jean from Paige Jeans


Product Image: Product Title

I shop at Nordstrom all the time and never pay S/H charges. Have to pay tax almost every place I shop.