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Re: 👌🏾 If You Have to Fall on Ice 👍🏾

@on the bay 


At least Walmart should have asked if you would like to fill out an accident rept. Smiley Sad

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Re: 👌🏾 If You Have to Fall on Ice 👍🏾

Falling on your side may not always work out well...last Christmas Eve (2016), I slipped on ice, fell on my side, and fractured a rib. Also had a shoulder injury which still causes me pain, and problems a year later! It very careful out there ladies! It's wicked outside through much of our country.

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Re: 👌🏾 If You Have to Fall on Ice 👍🏾

Great advice, but may I recommend buying Due North snow and ice cleats from QVC. I have 2 pair for years and years. You can practically RUN over ice with them on if you want to. PS I don't go out in the ice anymore (unless I have to), because of my back issues (I need to fall like i need a hole in the head), but when I do I wear the above in ice AND snow. They are awesome! 

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