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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

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  • I am so turned off by having to pay shipping both ways that with the exception of Linea, I now, unlike the past where I would have 3-5 orders a month, buy almost nothing at QVC. 


  • I am so turned off by the time it takes to get an order to me in CA. Unless I pony up for faster, it takes a full FOURTEEN TO SIXTEEN  days from the date of order to when I get my package. Seriously?


  • I am so turned off by the inability of this company to sell clothing that is in some way consistent with what I buy at retail, No where, except for QVC, am I an XS. Now that would be fine except that in GILI, for example, I'm a medium or a 10 and in Liz I'm a XXS, but only by trial and paying $$$ shipping can I figure this out. 


  • I am so turned off by the mingy discounts on "clearance" that I don't even bother to look at that section of the site. Take a look at Rachel Zoe or Ellen DeGeneres for example--does anyone think 8, 10, 12% is a reasonable clearance price? 


  • I am so turned off by getting what are obviously returns sold as first-quality goods and being lied to about it. Out of its original packaging, just shoved in a plastic bag. I thought returns were supposed to be sold "As Is"?


Oh, I could go on....

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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

@ hennypenny


Please hire a voice coach for new hosts. A more modulated voice is much easier on the ears.
The frenetic sales tactics are a turn off.


All of the answers are spot on - esp these two points made by hennypenny. Please, no little girl voices, loud sales tactics, correct word pronunciation (which would be a MUST one would think) etc., etc.  

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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

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Sink that ship from China coming for Christmas in July. New brands,new hosts. Have the hosts take voice lessons and I don't mean for singing, charm school would help and meet with a stylist !! Also make sure the hosts eat before a food show so they don't look like starving puppies.  Lol 

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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

Have a few hours a day presenting an item for 5 minutes than move on  to another. Mix it up so there is variety of items.. That would keep me on QVC,,, I will say this, The last month or so I have NOT purchased anything nor watched QVC.  I am saving a ton of money..So what should this say to QVC?  I AM LOSING INTEREST..Hmmmmm

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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

There are a lot of great suggestions made here but are they going to hear us? No more hour long presentations on Bose, beds, tv's, computers.

Instead of giving hosts "new shows" bring in NEW products.

Limit or get rid of the phone calls.

Change up the weekend programming.

There is no need to spend 15 minutes on a single product.

Don't have so many CIJ shows.

Train your hosts!

I could go on and on, but these would be my suggestions to open with. They would be sick of me by the end of the day!

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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

A lot of great suggestions.


I love no shipping on TSV's and a birthday gift of some sort.


Instead of the easy pay flash events, how about a free shipping flash event?

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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

@ncascade wrote:

Get rid of the phone calls!!!

YES!  Good one, @Spookyoleme!

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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

More diversity (age, gender, race, body types etc) when hiring hosts and/or models.

Many viewers want to see their particular body type, or age range represented by, at least, one model.

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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

Don't have the same thing on Q and Q Plus at the same time. If one is showing Christmas, the other should have fashion or some other things. If one has kitchen/home/garden/holiday, have fashion/beauty/handbags/shoes/jewelry on the other. Or make one network for one set of these items, and the other network for the others.


Show more things that you already stock but never come on air. We don't need a vendor for every product. There are thousands and thousands of things online that never see a presentation, but the same few items are seen repeatedly, sometimes for years. Get some of that never seen stuff on air, if only once, or even if it sells out in a few minutes. Give us something different to look at.


Make the TSV's a real deal, not a $1.50 less than it will be tomorrow. 


More free shipping. Other retailers are doing it, and I know you can too! Even in just for the show presented or for the one day, need to see more free shipping.


Keep the lowered shipping rates, but bring back the half off shipping for more than one item number going to the same address in the same order. There are many times I would order multiples, but to pay $5 for each order adds up if I want three or four. I think you are loosing sales because of shipping.


Stop bringing in so few of things that they sell out before they can be presented. That is so very frustrating and happens more than it should. You have this multi million audience, and you bring in "1200 of this" or "700 in green". Oftentimes with both Temp-tations and Valerie Parr Hill, some choices are gone, even when they are 'new today' within seconds of the presentation beginning, and sometimes even before the presentation starts. Your buyers should know their customers better than this.



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Re: If You Had A Meeting With The Higher Ups At QVC.......

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1. More VARIETY and UNIQUENESS in products --- a lot of customers are tired of seeing the SAME 15 products rotated over and over again (we don't watch 24/7 but it seems every time we tune in to QVC we see the SAME STUFF so we CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!)


2. Show the TSV only ONCE per show we get bored with 2-3 encore presentations....Woman Tongue


3. Please some diversity in what you show on the WEEKENDS ---we are tired of computers/tablets/electronics, beds, mattresses, vacuums (especially vaccums), skinny tees, philosophy, It cosmetics, Lug luggage, clarisonic, and hair care tools---  You bore me and I end up turning the channel. Since TV is so lousy on Saturday you might just might make some sales if you improve them!!!


4. Diversify styles of clothing ---  Logo/Halston/C Wonder seem VERY similar!!!  sleeveless and SHORT sleeve clothing, consistent sizing, good quality.  I don't layer clothing wear jackets/cardigans in the summer --- TOO HOT!! Also let FASHION be FASHION--no beauty products, nor hair care or skin care tools!!


5. More FALL/Harvest/Autumn decor shows! 


6. Jim Shore Shows at DECENT hours!!! 


7. More unique home decor products---we have enough finials, glitter trees, spheres, mosaics.  


8.  Too many vendors have the same kind of product---Christmas Trees-(Santas Best, BL Trees, Kringle Express Trees, Mr. Christmas trees), Since Luminara, Candle Impressions, Home Reflections makes candles Valerie Parr Hill doesn't need to include candles in her collection --- too much of the same thing....Quacker Factory uses sequins, then Susan Graver starts up with sequins---Sneakers you have Ryka, Sketchers, and now Clarks and Vionic have jumped into the mix now---can we PLEASE have something DIFFERENT instead of more vendors WITH THE SAME THING--VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!!!


10 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE retire that Flash Game, Twixter Trax time for something new---do you think cutomers buy the SAME gifts for their kids!!!


11. Some of the host need lots of training!! If a host says they hate pants, hate handbags, and wear the same thing for FASHION NIGHT---QVC needs to bring in a different host to be their fashionista !!!  Also stop the car salesman type frenzy, talking about your personal stuff and giving us little product info and then have the nerve to tell us to go online to checkout the details---why do you have a TV channel if we have to do that!!!


12.  Please hire a DIFFEENT vendor for GILI---the current one definitely does not represent glamour---she is no fashionista--it's like Jillian Michaels presenting evening gowns.  And she seems bored and disinterested (like she's doing the job just for the money and it shows )


13. Pay attention to customer feedback---many of us are WATCHING and BUYING LESS!!!



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