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Re: Idaho murders. Probable Cause for Arrest Affidavit released. Very detailed.

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Why would anyone report he ate vegan pizza there if it is t true? To show a connection between him and one of the victims? The suspect doesn't need any help in proving his guilt. He is doing a fine job of that all by himself. It's probably best not to believe everything you see in the media...and even better to maybe only believe a fraction of some of the things you read in this thread. Some of the info seems to be getting grandiose and tabloid-worthy details are being posted. Many weeks until the trial.



I saw it reported on CNN. The person(name was available) was also detailed regarding Kohberger's questioning to make sure that his food did not come into contact with any animal products. I'm not sure that an owner of a restaurant would know every person that they serve particularly in a college town. Maddie and Xana both worked there so it does seem a reasonable conclusion that this is a possible connection. Maybe she is worried about the gag order, protective of the 2 victims, or protective of her business. The police stated that the only thing we should be listening to are what they report.