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This tantalized me-- it was re-tweeted by someone I follow, so I don't have much information about it, but...


Apparently it's a challenge.  This island castle is 100 miles off shore.  There would be food and water for 30 days, paper, pens, no internet (yet it would be livestreamed-- I don't get how that would work), no electricity (but presumably candles, matches, etc.)


If you last 30 days, you get $40,000 dollars.   Sounds great to me, but-- where is it?  Are there hurricanes?   If so, in this season I wouldn't do.  Otherwise, I'd be very tempted! It would be like being on a beautiful stone ship far out at sea.... Would you do it?

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If I could take someone with me I would do it. We could split the $40,000.

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I need running water & electricity, and I doubt this has either. 🤣

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As long as there are no other "living" things on this island - bugs, snakes. I'd probably do it unless it was in a hurricane zone.

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This is intriguing.


However I would not consider doing it or be tempted to.


I dislike camping and am a room service person.


If there is no running water, how would you wash and what about bathroom facilities, including toilet paper.


Yes it is interesting but this is one challenge in life I could easily say no to.


@Oznell  you post the most interesting places. It appears to be a nice place to visit but not to stay.



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No I wouldn't do it.

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I would love to do something like that. 


I'd have to know where it was located first. Even if not in hurricane zone there are some serious storms that produce massive waves (even rogue ones).......


It looks like it might be a rather calm sea though...maybe some type of sheltered area? I would love to know

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@Oznell,  I read about this island just a few months ago when a friend shared it on Facebook.   Here's some background information.   As far as the challenge you mentioned, I didn't see it online (just did a very quick search, though, so I easily could have missed it)...  but much as I love Italy this probably wouldn't be in my comfort zone.😊 


"Torre Scola, the incredible fortress of the Gulf of Poets"




"Torre Scola, also known as the Tower of San Giovanni Battista, is a military building located just in the middle of the Gulf of Poets in Liguria, Italy.


This tower was built by the people of Genoa in 1606 on a rock just north of the island of Palmariain Porto Venerein the Province of La Spezia - a land known for its natural beauty.



Torre Scola rests on a pentagonal base, built with large blocks of square stone with walls which average 4 meters in thickness.


Every corner of the fort is topped with a turret, and an observational opening for the 10 canons which were meant to protect the fortress at sea.


The fort could easily accomodate 8 soldiers. The tower was destroyed in 1800 during naval battles between the British and the French fleets that tried to drive Napoleon’s troops out of the gulf.


Since then, the tower was completely abandoned.



In 1915, after threat of demolition, the fortress was turned into a beacon and between 1976 and 1980, it was radically restored and today continues to impress visitors with its impressive and extraordinary beauty."





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How fascinating. I wouldn’t ever be able to stay there but it would be fun to observe others attempting it. It’s interesting how there are trees growing in around this castle, completely surrounded by water.