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@kdgn wrote:

It's unfair to call those who fell for this scam as dumb or gullible. The scammers were/are targeting senior citizens. This scam hadn't received the publicity when I received the first call a few years ago. It was a recorded message stating it was from the IRS, etc. At first I was taken aback-while I knew we didn't owe, it was still startling to hear the first sentence. After that I knew it had to be a scam because of the stilted language, poor sentence structure, heavily accented voice. 


But they were determined. Two calls a day, spaced about two hours apart, for a couple of days, then they stopped. I've been getting the calls for the last four years. Each script has been slightly different, different voices on the recorded messages, both men and women. They have come around tax time. 


Not all seniors are computer savy-meaning they've read about this online. Not all seniors take a newspaper subscription. Not all news stations have reported on this, not in the beginning. 


Just hearing that the call is from the IRS strikes fear in many hearts, that's the whole idea behind the scam. The power of the IRS and all that.........

I'm not a senior citizen. I believe it's random calling.

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We have gotten many of these calls over the last few years, and I agree, even when you know it's a scam it still can be somewhat unnerving.  The first few times I actually wrote down the phone number that they wanted you to call--each time they called it was a different number.  My husband called our local police department to alert them this was happening, and they were clueless.  So, even knowing what is going on, you feel somewhat helpless to be able to stop it.

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I don't think they were specifically targeting anybody.  I received a few of those calls and knew immediately it was a scam. 


I can see how people can fall victim to these sorts of scams. 


I don't believe there is one group behind all this either.  There are probably many groups.  I'm glad one group got caught, at least.

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@Chrystaltree wrote:

Good but anyone gullible enough to fall fall for a scam like that deserves to lose their money.  There are times when blaming the victim is appropriately.  We had a case locally, a woman was boo hoo hooing on tv.  She was about 60 and didnt appesr to be developmentally challenged.  She didn't think she owed tax money but when she got a call telling her she owed $10,000 to the IRS, she followed the instructiins.  She put the money on gift cards and mailed them to a PO   And called herself a

Another one of your kind, caring, thoughtful posts. You cite one crazy example which tells virtually nothing about the issue and the fact that anyone can be a target.  

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I got a phone message from a scammer which I transcribed word for word & then copied as much of it as I could (limited text space) to the IRS fraud website.


Glad they caught these 5.  Wonder how many more are out there somewhere.


Oh, BTW, I am 68 which could be considered "senior citizen" by some people, & I still work, albeit part time.

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I had one just last night from 'US District Court'.  It didn't leave a message.  I don't know if that's the same guys or not.  I went ahead and blocked it, but I think that actually nomorobo caught it because I have a 'no ring' option on my new phones and it didn't even ring.


But a week or so ago I saw one that HAD left a message.  It was a recorded bype message and all I heard before deleting it was something about 'you are being sued...'.   good grief!   


It is my belief that robocalling should be against the law 100% - no exceptions!  

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I got one a couple of weeks ago, the guy had an Indian accent.  This one had a spin to it, he told me I had to call him back and he would tell me where to send the money.




He said, you owe, I said no I don't.  He said you have to call me, I said yeah sure I do.  he got frustrated and hung up.


Our consumer protection guy on TV, Michael Finney, said THEY CAN MASK PHONE NUMBERS to make it look like a legit phone number when it itsn't.

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Well, according to our consumer protection guy, they are targeting seniors. 


Believe what you want, but he's in touch with the local police about it also.

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Just my opinion, but I think some of the bigger(est) work in said department. Heard numbers of how many of them have not paid their due.




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From The National Council On Aging (Includes Phone Scams)


Top 10 Financial Scams Targeting Seniors


Financial scams targeting seniors have become so prevalent that they’re now considered “the crime of the 21st century.” Why? Because seniors are thought to have a significant amount of money sitting in their accounts.