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Re: I wish Q would bring back

Burnsite wrote:

Hi, cherry, I miss the Elegance of 18K Gold and the "Everyday Elegance" 18K shows.  Pat James DiMentri is among my favorite hosts, for one thing, and I love the color of 18K. 


It's not as if I bought out the inventory, but the pieces I did buy on those shows are my favorites.


I ALWAYS watched those shows!  I love 18k gold.  Now I pretty much never watch jewelry shows anymore.  It's mostly costume jewelry now, of which I'm not a fan.  But, hey, they must sell plenty so I'm probably in the minority.  That's ok - something for everybody.  Smiley Happy   At this point in my life, I don't need any more jewelry anyway.


But I sure remember the heyday of fine jewelry on QVC and ValueVision.  Hsn never had anything that I would have considered quality, but the other two, especially ValueVision had beautiful, well-made, durable, decent weight fine (gold) jewelry and even gems.

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Re: I wish Q would bring back

Does anyone remember those sweater pieces with ties (instead of sleeves) that looked like you had an entire sweater tied around your neck and shoulders but were so much lighter and easier??  I loved those, would love to see them again!!