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Re: I've been browsing Etsy this weekend

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Thank you, never heard of this site, love it.



@Miranda1550- my husband wishes that I'd never heard of it!


You can spend hours browsing Etsy. I've bought some really nice things from many sellers- rag rugs, sterling silver bracelets, cutting boards with family recipes etched on them, stained glass boxes. A few weeks ago I even bought a personalized ice cream spoon for a gift. 

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Re: I've been browsing Etsy this weekend

I don't go there often but when i do... Whoa!!!   So many great things.   I saw a necklace I liked of names in Greek.   I already have one of my name in Arabic and wanted to add this one.  Through the year I'll send links of things I like to DH for gift ideas.     Last week we had to put one of our cats to sleep and although he ordered it for my birthday in late fall, he gave it to me hoping it would help both of us be less sad.   It is so pretty.


Last year I needed someone to finish a Bucilla xmas stocking I was making for my new great nephew.   I emailed one of many vendors on Etsy who sell them asking her if there was any way she could finish it for me.   It turns out she works 30 minutes from me and she was willing to do it.   So, along with great things to buy on Etsy, you may find help there too.   

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Re: I've been browsing Etsy this weekend

Etsy is just awesome, dangerously addictive. I just saw a $10 turtle ring there and was tempted. Why, I have no idea. It just looked so cute.


I really love Etsy for gifts, so many unique items.

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Re: I've been browsing Etsy this weekend

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I love Etsy!  I've ordered a lot from there over the years.  I never just browse it though.  I'm always looking for something in particular.  I recently bought a hand painted mailbox (with daisies). I put new siding on my house and painted the porches and wanted to complete the nice new look.  Here's something that I bought that I love.  It's an iPhone case with a Frenchie on it drinking a Starbucks drink.  Since it has two things that I love on it I thought it was perfect for me.


So cute,if i get a smart phone ,do they have goldens?

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