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Those things happen so fast. I hope your first aid helps and that you are feeling better soon.

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Glad you think nothing is broken.  Falls are such scary, nasty things, I always feel a bit shaky and disoriented for a few days after 


Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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Oh no, @Shorty2U, do hope you're feeling better soon!  You're so lucky you didn't break anything.


A friend's mother fell this weekend, taken by ambulance, then stayed in ICU yesterday and home today!  Another friend's DH fell today and she couldn't get him up so had t call FD.  He's in the hospital now (his third fall since end of November!)


Well, you're the third one this weekend.  Hope this stops these accidents happening to everyone now.  You take care; take some Aleve and rest.

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Re: I took a spill

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Thank you all so much for the replies. I felt achy this morning but tonight I feel much better. My knee doesn't burn anymore either (except after a hot shower). I really was worried more about the And when I told my kids I hope they all get the cards ok, they said mom we are more worried about you. (I did try to check that they were still sealed, so I hope they get them ok).


My purse would maybe be called a cross body with the long strap. I will keep it in the rear floor now and maybe I should switch to my short strap purse? lol.


Silver linings- I hope that you feel better soon and are back to good health.


Golden locks- I hope and pray your friends family members will be ok. (It must be accident season or something). 



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Re: I took a spill

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Oh, dear@Shorty2U, I am so sorry you were hurt trying to take your cards inside the post office. I wouldn't have used the dropbox outside either, especially in the rain. The mail could get damp. I can relate to everything you described. I not only took a spill I plunged from several feet in the air to a concrete floor. I was literally stunned by the impact and pain and momentarily blacked out. I ended up in the ER at the hospital. Thank goodness for my nextdoor neighbors who knew what to do when I managed to ring their doorbell while clutching my broken arm and going into shock. 


It is almost Valentine's Day and I haven't been able to drive until last week. This happened at night on December 8th. I've been in physical therapy three days a week since January 10th. Thank goodness for friends to get me back and forth to my orthopedic surgeon and physical therapy. My son is several hours away but has been a saint. 


I normally look and feel young so it has been a bit hard to have become a statistic about falling. My tendons, muscles and blood vessels were injured along with the broken bone. Pain and bruising like you're experiencing. It's going to take a while to heal. Take care. You are so sweet to have gotten the cards mailed in spite of having fallen and soaking wet!

Silver lining,   that's the same day and time I took a bad fall.  I was carrying my dog down the front porch steps, and lost my footing.  She went flying out of my arms, and I fell on a concrete slab, badly spraining my foot.


it took weeks and weeks, but seems totally healed now.


I, too, felt that it aged me ( mentally speaking) to be a statistic about falling.


We just have to be extra, extra careful now.  Hope you continue to feel better.



@blueroses47, that Friday night was a super bad one for us, wasn't it?! Shock and pain. I hope your dog wasn't hurt! Thank goodness you have pretty much recovered from your fall. Yes, once you fall and are injured you feel vulnerable, especially while the pain is raw. Mine has been severe. @Shorty2U, I'm so glad you are okay! You are such a sweetheart! 


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@Shorty2U Thank goodness here u r............I was ready to send the troops out to check on u..........ok then, sleep well!! Nite nite.

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I'm so glad you are feeling better today. 

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@Shorty2U  Sounds like something I would do because I am always rushing even when I don't have to, as my dh tells me!  I know what you mean about the back and hip pain because I have it also from a couple of falls that I have taken!   Take care!

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Happy to read you are feeling better Shorty. A hot shower and rest usually "cures all ills"! Aren't your children the best, don't worry about the cards, just worried about you. Gotta love that! Take care.