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I think she will be okay.......

Hello everyone. I have had a few tough days. My oldest dog, she is almost 13 and who is diabetic started to bloat again on Monday. Got her to my Vet and she was treated and was better. Then later that evening she appeared as if she was going to bloat again so off we ran to the vet. By the time we got there, 10 minutes, she did not have any indication of bloat, but she started having signs of going into a seizure due to her diabetes. So some quick blood work, to cover all bases came back with her glucose level over 600! Her symptoms were presenting as if her insulin was high, not her glucose! So have been walking a fine line since, getting her back to feeling better and I think we have now turned the corner. When they are this age, any crisis takes longer to bounce back from. But this morning I was getting tail wags and woofs and she was just a very happy girl. So, I finally started to breathe again.

So, if you have a spare moment or room on your prayer list, if you could add Zoe it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.