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I think I am done with Qvc...

except for Cosmetics and beauty items that I know I like.  Sometimes they offer  good prices for that.  For clothes and shoes I am done.  I don't buy jewelry anymore except for costume stuff occasionally at a store.  The poor quality and inconsistent sizing and paying for so many returns is just over for me. 

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Re: I think I am done with Qvc...

Alrighty then LOL!

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Re: I think I am done with Qvc...

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Re: I think I am done with Qvc...

I keep saying the same thing. But thenI'll see something I really like and buy it and it will be great.  Lowering my guard, I'll buy several more items. Then I'll have to send them all back because of poor quality or defects. Then I'll vow anew. Woman LOL You'd think I'd just learn my lesson and go womewhere else. Stupid human ... tenaciously hopeful in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Woman Tongue


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Re: I think I am done with Qvc...

I am done with QVC too except for the items I buy every month! Lol. Seriously, I do understand where tho OP is coming from (I think)—she won’t buy things that need to be tried on for fit. The return cost and hassle and inconsistent sizing are too much.

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Re: I think I am done with Qvc...

Its just hard for me to buy clothes on line without trying them on. Well, its not hard at all, but they don't fit right more than half the time. Doesn't matter where I order from.

I order other stuff from QVC though, and I will probably never stop.

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Re: I think I am done with Qvc...

Let's face it; we all know that the shipping does not come to $6.95 per package so why don't they just call it what it is...a return and restocking fee. If I send a 10 oz shirt back and the postage is .. say .. $5.00, then QVC puts almost $2.00 in the till. (I'm just using these figures for an example, but I'm sure the profit is there.)


That said, I've often wondered whether the inconsistencies in sizing are done purposefully to create revenue from the returns.


I also think some of the manufacturers make the things they sell retail and then they make another "QVC batch". Case in point: Clark Shoes are amazing and always last me a lifetime if I buy them in a store. If I buy them here, I end up sending them back or exchanging one, two or three times to find a good fit.


Also, I have purchased Dooney bags from the Dooney site and here on QVC and there is a distinct difference in quality.


I have cut way back on what I buy here. When I do return things, I use the pickup feature and USPS comes to my house to get the things I return. That is a "free" service. I figure if I'm going to pay the $6.95 I may as well get somebody to come to my door to get returns rather than having to deal with traffic and lack of parking at the post office.

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Re: I think I am done with Qvc...

I have 2 items I still get from the Q.  First Aid Beauty (2 large tubs on AD) and Nature's Code for my DH.  I can get other things cheaper and with little or no shipping.  Haven't missed it a bit.

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Re: I think I am done with Qvc...

Natures Code,they still sell it????

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Re: I think I am done with Qvc...

I think I could not live in a country that did not have a Qvc; in fact, if I moved abroad I'm sure one of the first things I would do is go online and make a purchase or two....


Qvc has enriched my life.  I can live with its occasional hiccups.  The other channels just don't do it for me.  I do have success with other online stores just not other home shopping channels.