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I was wondering when he was going to arrive.  I knew what the title meant as soon as I read it.  Is she really spelling his name Aidan??? or Aiden???  Not that it's really important.

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@HB glamma wrote:

I see no reason to politicize this child's birth

Can we all please agree with this?  The birth of a child should be a joyful celebration and nothing else.

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congratulations on the newest member of the clinton/mezvinsky family! may aidan bring them lots of joy.

(i also had no clue to what this thread was about until someone was kind enough to clarify)

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It would have been nice had you included who this was in the title. Yes it is a joyful event for some, I could have passed on it.

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All babies are a blessing and this family just recieved one.

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Best wishes to the happy family!  I hope he has a long & happy life!

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Sweet !

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Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Mezvinsky. Heart

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Re: I see Aidan has arrived

[ Edited ]

Both candidates have become grandparents again this year.  The Kushners welcomed Theodore in March, and now the Mezvinskys are blessed with Aidan.  Bipartisan congratulations to both families!  

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Very nice,i am sure everyone is very happy.

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