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Re: I need to vent Re: my friend and cell phones

@ROMARY wrote:

I do believe that in some areas there are a lot (tons) of teens, adults looking down, texting or whatever while walking around.  Even while driving (lots of them).  So, some folks (including myself) are 'turned off' re: cell phones, seeing all of that every single day.  However, they do 'come in handy' when needed in an emergency.  Nice to have one in our pocket while walking, or placed somewhere in our car(s), just in case.

I don't like it either so I don't behave like them.  Simple.  But to shun it entirely is foolish. 


When I fist starting doing Home Care, I had patients who still had rotary phones.  They knew how to use their old phones and didn't want to spend the money to upgrade to touch tone.  Well, when business switched to automated menus that required a touch tone phone, they couldn't use their phones.  Yes, some had the option to wait on the line for an operator and some didn't.  This is just another example how you get left behind when you don't embrace new technology. 


I held out for a long time before getting a smart phone.  I'm retired, home a lot, had a cell phone and didn't think I needed one.  I got very sick while on a vacation and thankfully, one of my fellow travelers had a smart phone and located a doctor nearby.  When I returned home, I got an iPhone. 


At first I didn't use as a "smart phone" part very much.  Over time I found just how handy it is.  I had a fender bender, was able to take photos of the other driver's car's damage, license plate number, insurance card, driver's license and my car's damage.  When I contacted my insurance company, I was able to e-mail the photos.  This is just one example of what you can do that may not be on your radar.  Now I wouldn't be without one.  Do I have my face buried in it 24/7, no.  But when I need the features it has my flip phone didn't, I'm glad I have it.  I'd never go back. 



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Re: I need to vent Re: my friend and cell phones

I would just very ...