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I do not watch either one, but it seems Josie Maran and Susan Graver own the time slots. Perhaps they own part of QVC???? I have wondered.

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I have moved on as far as clothing goes.  I dress much more casually then when I was working but I have no interest in the fashions QVC is now selling.  The prices are ridiculous in regard to the quality.  

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I miss the old QVC in many ways, but I understand why they've moved on to a different audience. Of all the offerings, the kitchen shows are pretty much the same, although I'd like to see a nice cookware set as a TSV.

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I still have a couple pair of George Simonton pants.  The show I miss the most is Joan Rivers old jewelry when she first started.  Her jewelry was very, very nice.  And then she started clothing and her jewelry went down hill.  Now it doesn't matter.  I miss her so much.

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@Maine Rose totally 💯 % agree!

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Does anyone remember Silver Style on Sunday mornings? I used to watch that religiously before my kids were born and I loved it!

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Mojave Magic!  Oh my, I remember that line.  It was a gentlemen that created it.  Hadn't thought of that in years.


Also yes, I do remember Silver Style on Sunday morning and would always tune in.  It was on very early here in CA but I watched it anyway.

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@Lizzylou1020 @You should see the amazing leather jackets I bought from Bradley!


I was just mentioning him here the other day.


I love leather coats.

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I am fairly new to both hsn and qvc, maybe been watching 5 years or so. What I miss is the better quality fabrics and cut of the clothing but this is across the board at most stores. I don't like the chemical odor on the clothing that you sometimes get. And I miss the models wearing an appropriate size and then showing the entire garment instead of jackets over dresses that hide how the bust looks or longer tops with pants where they don't show how the rear looks or the model never turns around. 

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The only thing I miss are fast moving shows with ten minute TSV presentations.