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Re: I'm sick and tired of summer

@JAXS mom wrote:

I've over summer. I want fall to come already. I'm tired of being hot and sticky. I miss the the crisp cool air. I miss snow. I want to be able to wear my cute boots ,closed toe shoes, socks and tights without my feet being hot. 


I'm just done. 

I wish I can say the same...

I just wish the temps would cool down enough and it still be summer. I am frustrated being inside on a summer day because it's so hot. I would rather be on the patio, under our umbrella reading a book with a tall glass of iced tea.

I figure Fall will arrive soon enough...with it's shorter days and long dark nights. In less than 2 weeks I will be decorating for Fall...always decorate for Fall early...a few bird species already have started to migrate south by the end of July in Alaska and we start to see the Orioles and Hummingbirds migrating any day now...

I enjoy the changing of the seasons, and yet dread winter and being cooped up inside all the time. I am barefoot 24/7 when I am at home and wear sandles all year long when I go out excet right after a snowstorm and I have to be outside. I  just don't like wearing socks or shoes at all!

I'm an oddball...I know...LOL

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Re: I'm sick and tired of summer

@shoekitty wrote:

Seems like where I live in California it has been Summer for the last 3 years, year round.  Actually, except for some 100 plus days in May and June, this summer has been pretty good.  The heat really starts for us in Sept and October.  The middle of Sept to mid October is usually a string of 100++ days.


They say El Nino is coming, so I am hopeful!


LOVE the picture!!!!!   Hahaha

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Re: I'm sick and tired of summer

Not me!!!!   Its been gorgous here in New York.   The majority of the summer has been sunny, 78 to 85 and not too humid.   LOVE all my summer fashions, being outdoors, swimming and dining outddors with family and friends.   Hope it never ends!!!

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Re: I'm sick and tired of summer

While we've had some hot & humid days, the last few have been spectacular!


DH and I went to the beach yesterday and the weather could not have been more perfect!  Low 80s with no humidity!  I'll take more days like that and I love being able to sit out on my patio and enjoy the lovely weather.  


I don't feel like rushing it.  I love the fall and all of the holidays but HATE, HATE, HATE winter!  You can have the bleak, dreary, dark,cold days of winter!  No thanks! I don't like  dealing with snow! I also don't see my neighbors until the spring thaw and I like getting together summer evenings outdoors.

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Re: I'm sick and tired of summer

Summer is my least favorite season.  It has been so stinking humid and rainy here this summer.  Since June 1, we have only had 17 days when it hasn't rained.  Now it has turned off hot, hot, hot.  I don't like to rush time but I am always glad to see fall arrive.  It's my favorite season.