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I only used Etsy once and I would not use them again. I ordered facse masks early on, when they were nearly impossible to find. The seller was from Canada. I ordered four and after many communications with the seller, only received two and it took months. Never received a refund for the other two. 

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@granddi   I love etsy to window shop and to purchase. I've purchased all sorts of items mostly jewelry items (mostly if not all sterling with gemstones or just sterling) earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, vintage pieces to made for me most recently my sterling V-O-T-E necklace, even a custom length sterling chain from one vendor, lovely hand carved wooden pierced earrings.


 I've purchased 2nd hand jackets/blazers (beautiful rarely used for no more than $24.00). I've had email chats with a few vendors, very nice folks. I've returned only one itme I think, cancelled a recent order too all with absolutely no problems.


One thing I've learned, before I order anything I look to make sure it's coming from the USA and not an international vendor only because the item took almost 2 months to get it from Peru (a toe ring which looked great online but not so much in person when I finally did get it; luckily it only cost $22). I kept it but wasn't worth my money nor the wait. I don't care what this item is, I won't buy internationally, that's just me.


It's easy to work with etsy too if you need them for anything. I love etsy and will continue to buy there. There are TONS of items there of any and every venue.


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I ordered custom appliance covers with no problems. Also got a couple of out of print cross stitch patterns in new condition, also no problem. US sellers only.

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The only ways I know to see where the seller is located is on the product page.  It's toward the bottom on the right side. It tells you where the item ships from right above the shipping cost. 

also, click on the seller's name to go to their "shop".  It usually tells you there where the seller is located.  

I love Etsy. I've had nothing but great experiences and have bought some lovely things, vintage, antiques, jewelry, handmade items,....


Have fun!

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To me Etsy is like a scaled down version of amazon with much more of a personal touch and with an artisan flair. I find some very nice things there.

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I've ordered from Etsy for many years with no problems.  I've only ordered out of the United States one time, and it was from England.  I don't think I'd order outside the U.S. again.  


I always read feedback carefully before ordering.

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I love Etsy and have ordered many things and never had a problem. All the sellers have been so nice and very helpful. But I do only order from US sellers, mainly because I don't want to have to wait so long for my order to arrive. 

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I've ordered many items from Etsy.   Most of my sellers have been US based but I did order two items from a seller in Australia.  I had no problem at all.  Before I ordered, I sent her a communication about sizing and she promptly replied,   


The items were perfect and they arrived in a very short time.  The seller even sent me an email to make sure that I was completely pleased with my order.


I did have an issue with a US based seller and I did have to have Etsy intervene to get my money credited back to my PayPal account.    Of all the sellers I have dealt with that one was my only problem.

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@freakygirl wrote:

i've been shopping etsy for years, and have had no problems to date. haven't encountered a bad seller. they've all been nice and accommodating. 


Same for me.  I do read reviews, though, and I look at photos posted by buyers, etc.  If I have a question before ordering, I take note of how long it takes to get a response and if the response is helpful.  So I'm very careful about who I order from.  The OP's experience of receiving items in different sizes than ordered would not be acceptable to me, and is not my experience at all, maybe because I'm so careful.


Recently I received a t-shirt with a small defect.  The guy could not have been nicer or more accommodating.  He sent another one right away, was very apologetic, and gave me his cell number.  I have found that the Etsy sellers I've given my business to have been very professional and kind.  No negative experiences at all, and everything has been exactly as described.

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@granddi wrote:

I've just discovered Etsy.

Recently purchased a couple of prints.

Is there any way to easily see the location of the vendor?

One of my prints is coming from Kyiv, Ukraine. Hope I like it. 

It was listed as 11X14 and the shipping invoice says 12x16.


I ordered one print from a US seller listed as 8x10. It arrived measuring 8 1/2x11 and would not fit in my planned frame. I contacted the seller who argued that it actually is 8x10 there is an allowance of the boarder for his signature, blah blah. He did refund and I returned the item. 


Was considering ordering Roman Shades but that is a leap since no returns allowed.


So have you had good experinces with Etsy?

Not sure if it has been answered, but yes, you can see where it is coming from.   On the side where you add it to the cart, you just keep scrolling down and it tells you how long it will take and where it is from.


I have had good luck with the items I've purchased.