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I'm getting too old for this!

I had a taekwondo testing this morning.

I am worn out!

I thought I was going to do my form (83 steps) and break a few boards.

I get there and my school owner/chief instructor tells me Master so and so is coming just do your form no boards.


But the Master decided the black belts had to do form, testing (no contact) sparring -three rounds and on the third round he wanted jump kicks. reverse kicks and other higher level kicks.

Then he followed it up with push ups. And since I was the only 3rd degree I had to do all 30 while the other kids (ages 10 and 16) got to drop out after ten and twenty.

It's been about 45 minutes and my muscles still need to recover along with my twisted knee.

Anyone else feeling old these days? Can you still keep up with your exercise routines?