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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is tough in my opinion as it is the heart of the home. Be prepared to be patient and don't settle for what you do not want.


We did our own remodel and gutted our entire kitchen including the ceiling and floor....I could look straight into our attic for five weeks. We did everything except installing the quartz countertops. My husband had the experience and he did a fabulous job. 


I will admit it was hard for me as I am a super neat person but it was WORTH all the time, effort and money in the long run.


Hope you love yours.

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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

We gutted our kitchen two years ago. We worked with a designer and the contracter. We kept our appliances because they were new except for the fridge. We decided not to replace the fridge at that moment due to finances. The designer made sure our contracter left room above our fridge leaving a gap. Our present fridge was not as high as the new ones on the market and the designer said you will have more fridges to pick from if you leave more room.Well we have our new fridge and she was correct!! Our new fridge is taller than our old. My mom just had to have  two inches taken off the bottom of her cabinet in order to fit the fridge she purchased. Em

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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

@Dar321 wrote:

Has anyone else done this??  I'm excited and scared too death!  Can anyone who has been through this give me any advice??  I'm getting ready to refinance my house.....



@Dar321  Be prepared financially for issues that come up along the way, many did during the  extension and remodeling of my kitchen and adjoining laundry room.


I was without the kitchen for six months, so cooked meals in the rec room, looked at it as an adventure, lol. 

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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

Have you ever heard of Tim the Builder? He's a syndicated columnist in many newspapers who has a wealth of experience in the construction industry (he testifies as an expert witness). He also writes a weekly newsletter that contains alot of advice. In addition, there are links to previous "how-to" columns and you can search his website for specific topics. Quite a few of them include a video. You can get checklists on a variety of topics at a reasonable cost (less than $10, I think) or you can ask him to call you to discuss something for a reasonable cost. I e-mailed him a picture of something I had a question about and he answered my question for free within a day or so. It sounds like you've already got your contractor, but you could use Tim's website as an additional resource during your renovation. I don't think I can put the link in here, but you can probably just google him. Good luck with your renovation!

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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

Thanks for all the advice and pointers everyone!  I want quartz countertops, but I have a red brick fireplace, that takes up a whole wall, and I don't know how to co ordinate it with a countertop......decisions decisions!

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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

Getting ready to jump off that bridge myself. I know that I need to start looking at magazines and on line. Appreciate your posts and hints.
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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

A compete gutting takes time and money. Don't be swayed by trends unless you Iove them. You're the one living there, not some decorator. We did floors, fixtures, counters, backsplash and appliances. That wasn't a complete remodel by any means, but it sure helped. It wasn't too expensive either.

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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

I want to do a kitchen remodel, but it just isn't in the finances for quite some time.


I will offer a bit of a different opinion than others here. 


First, take your time. Don't be rushed, and consider EVERYTHING.  Don't assume just because you have always dreamed of (would die for) some certain thing (like granite countertops) that once you are choosing and building the room, that other (sometimes translated as lesser) things won't suffice. 


Many people want to invest more than the home is worth investing in. If you have unlimited funds, and money is no object, definitely do what you love. But if living in the real world, look at how long you will be in the home, how much use and how hard of use it will get.  Are the materials and things you want going to hold up for the use you intend to give it? Think about the reality of getting your money back should you sell.


Ask yourself questions like would all the extra money for top dollar counter tops really be better invested in more customized cabinets that allow you to access things easier, or extra cabinets, or a better flooring that will take more abuse, or enlarging a window etc. 


Ask yourself, if you care about resale sometime in the future, is what you are looking at trendy or 'too unique' and won't appeal to buyers. Are you putting a Ferrari kitchen in a Chevy home?  Be honest with yourself about where you are in your life, how much use/joy you will get, how much money you really want to and should be investing in the project, and can you get just as much use/joy doing something different than you have 'dreamed' of. 


Mostly, take your time, look at everything, and ask lots of questions. 

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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

We've done several kitchens--and homes. Dreaming of the changes, working with the architect, and then seeing it materialize is very satisfying. Our architect has always talked  about the "two-and-a-half times" factor, meaning that remodelings generally take 2.5 times longer and cost 2.5 times more than you estimate. true. You can't be sure what surprises (old plumbing issues, mold, structural or electrical problems) your contractor may find along the way. But it's worth it. Just be sure you read up on trends so you spend your money wisely. Have fun!

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Re: I'm getting a Kitchen Remodel

Take a look at a lot of pictures on Pinterest and online at kitchens. See if there are any you love.